Struggle is the confession of the longest love in life

 Struggle is the confession of the longest love in life

Liu Liaoyuan works in the black goat breeding base. Information and pictures

For many disabled youth, they stumble at the beginning of life and climb up on their own. This process has been extremely difficult. Many of them have run a nearly perfect track on the track of life with their incomplete bodies. The test of fate, they answer with struggle; the diary of youth, they write with sweat. Struggle is their confession of the longest love in life.

Today, on the 3rd Sunday in May and the 30th national day for disabled people, we walk into the beautiful life of disabled youth together.

At the end of the year of poverty alleviation, countless young people with aspirations took part in this campaign, or took root in the grass-roots level to lead the poor groups to become rich, or found another way to tap the first pot of gold on the road of entrepreneurship. The disabled youth are unwilling to fall behind and strive to catch up. They may not have been favored by fate, but they are more reluctant to bow to it.

In Changjiang village, Jiangning Town, Bobai County, Guangxi Province, poverty has plagued villagers for generations. Until 2015, there were nearly 20% of the poor in the village. In the past two years, a young man called good shepherd has made everyones wallet bulge. He is Liu Yuanyuan who just won the 24th May 4th Medal of Chinese youth.

In that year, Liu Liaoyuan, in the voice of goats are not easy to raise, are you ok? resolutely chose to challenge the high-risk but high profit goat breeding, and established the first sheep farm in the county. Starting from scratch, he made the company achieve an annual output value of more than 4 million yuan with unimaginable perseverance. He also explored the mode of independent management and village enterprise cooperation to drive 300 poor disabled families and 430 poor families to breed black goats, with an average income of more than 20000 yuan.

Such a capable young man, we almost forget that he has only one palm. Liu Liaoyuan lost his entire right palm when he was 16 because of an accident. Once he was afraid of being different in other peoples eyes, and quietly put his disabled right arm into his pants pocket, but eventually he learned to accept his body and support an uncompromising life with one hand.

As long as we strive, we can stand tall with one hand. As long as we strive hard, we can get rid of poverty and become rich with one hand. Liu said.

Yang Tiancai, the founder and executive director of Chengdu Baiyue Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., is one of the eight disabled youths listed in the 2020 national upward good youth released by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.

Born in a peasant family, the post-90s suffered from neuromuscular atrophy when they were 6 years old. They cant run and play like their peers. Physical education is always sitting by the side. As he grows older, the muscles in his legs shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye, and it may take half an hour for someone else to walk for ten minutes.

Because of his disability, Yang Tiancai chose to quit school and stayed in his own world for seven years. Until he was in his early twenties, with everyones care and help, he began to learn computer graphics and art knowledge by himself, and received e-commerce training for new rural entrepreneurship talents organized by the county. He remembered a sentence: your name is Tiancai. You are adding wealth for your family and for the villagers.

In July 2015, Yang Tiancai set up his first online store to sell Pujiang specialty kiwi fruit. He is responsible for online sales, and his parents are responsible for offline purchasing, packing and mailing.

E-commerce work is not easy for Yang Tiancai, whose muscles are severely atrophied. In the most difficult year of 2017, he stayed in front of the computer for three days and two nights to communicate with customers, and a young man in his early twenties lost less than 80kg.

But Yang Tiancai doesnt regret it. His work makes him feel fulfilled. From July 2015 to February 2016, Yang Tiancai sold more than 10000 kiwifruit, with a sales volume of nearly one million yuan. In 2018, Yang Tiancai joined hands with Wu Yun, a deaf man, to create a lets go brand project for disabled people, which will bring more special young people left behind in rural areas to join e-commerce entrepreneurship.

Maybe I walk slowly, but I never stop. Yang Tiancai said.

2. They are fearless in fighting against the epidemic

They never give in to fighting against fate; when the epidemic strikes, they face the challenge. In this prevention and control of the epidemic, disabled young people did not stand by, but chose to become soldiers again, help others with courage and wisdom, repay the society, and contribute to the victory of the epidemic.

Cui Jing, a Wuhan girl born in 1989, is a deaf person. She is one of the founders of the public welfare organization watcher. She found that because of the lag of information acquisition and the inconvenience of communication with the outside world, many deaf people around were at a loss when dealing with the epidemic. Cui is determined to stand up and do something for the deaf. Under her leadership, a volunteer team of five deaf people and three healthy people gathered. On the one hand, they provide 20 hours of online sign language communication support for the deaf, and on the other hand, they raise anti epidemic materials through the Hubei disabled volunteer network and the Red Cross Foundation and other public organizations.

In order to make the deaf more convenient to access the epidemic prevention information, Cui unexpectedly specially recorded multiple anti epidemic sign language videos to popularize the epidemic prevention knowledge for the deaf. In view of the fact that some hearing-impaired people will not receive express delivery or even use epidemic prevention materials, Cui Jing and his friends decided to deliver materials to their homes and explain the use methods face to face.

Although we have worried about security, there are some things we have to do, because its a mission. We hope that more people will know and understand the deaf, create a better social environment, and make it easier for the deaf to integrate into society, Cui said

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, in the circle of friends of Huaihua citizens in Hunan Province, there have been beautiful posters of Huaihua Volunteer Association. The association proposed that citizens donate epidemic prevention materials for those who need them, and then the association will make special commemorative posters for the citizens.

Luo Xiaoxiao lost his hands in a high voltage accident when he was 3 years old. Facing the difficulties of life, he tried to learn to eat and write with his feet. With the help of volunteers, he entered special education secondary school to complete his studies. After graduation, he came to Huaihua volunteer association and became a full-time volunteer. In his opinion, volunteers planted the seed of love for him, and he will continue to pass on the seed.

After the outbreak, Luo Xiaohe and his team decided to launch online easy fund-raising and carry out public welfare fund-raising with the support of Hunan Charity Federation. In just a few days, they raised more than 320000 yuan of love money. With this money, they supported 33, 000 masks, 20, 000 pairs of protective gloves and various materials to the front line of the anti epidemic campaign. The novel coronavirus nucleic acid test kit was donated to Huaihua Hospital for 200 thousand yuan. It also purchased 240 thousand yuan worth of pandemic insurance for 2426 first-line medical workers in various districts and counties of Huaihua.

Its not easy for Luo Xiaoxiao to carry materials and make posters. Every time he got out of bed after the poster, his waist hurt. Although its hard, but Luo Xiaoxiao has only one used to it. Through life and death, I have no fear of any great difficulty. Luo xiaonovel: I never regard myself as a disabled person, as long as someone needs help, I will help. Volunteer work makes me feel happy and happy.

3. Connect your heart and hands, let your dreams take off in love

If you have a dream, I will put wings for you; when you want to fly, I will be the wind under your wings. More and more young people with good intentions participate in the cause of helping the disabled, connect with the hearts and hands of the disabled, help them integrate into the society, realize their values, and build a stage for them to excel in life.

Wang Wei, born in 1988, is the operation director of China Disabled Employment and entrepreneurship network service platform. He is committed to providing free online employment, entrepreneurship guidance, vocational training, vocational ability test, e-commerce and other services for disabled people. Recently, he and his teams small partners are preparing to join hands with wechat stores to help the e-commerce businesses of the disabled, join hands with Zhilian recruitment to do a national large-scale online recruitment fair, and also jointly launch a topic activity with sina Weibo to let more people pay attention to the employment and Entrepreneurship of the disabled.

When Wang Wei answers the consultation call of the disabled, some people with speech disabilities dont speak clearly. It will take a few minutes to hear clearly looking for a job. Wang Wei will be very patient, record the needs of the other side, and then help match the right jobs through the platform.

Wang Wei is responsible for the operation team of a total of 5 people, all of them are post-80s and post-90s, including a young man born in 1994, who has some vision disability. He is very talented in operation, and I pay special attention to him. Compared with children of his age, he may realize his defects, be more studious and persevering. Wang Wei said that many disabled people just lack opportunities and give them a stage. They are not inferior to the healthy people. He hoped that the whole society would pay less attention to disabled people, more care and fair treatment.

Wang Wei has participated in many profit-making projects such as Internet Finance and real estate before. When he met this public welfare project, he made a choice without hesitation. Its hard work, but its a very meaningful project. I also hope to leave some memorable memories in my career or life.

Jiang Xiurong, born in 1989, is the chairman of the disabled persons Federation of Zhukou Town, Taining County, Sanming County, Fujian Province. As a basic level disabled persons Federation worker, she always said that she had only done the most ordinary work. But Huang Shaoxia thinks the work is great.

There are more than 1000 disabled people in Zhukou Town, many of whom are poverty-stricken families who file and set up cards. Huang Shaoxia is one of them. Her feet are disabled. After divorce, she took her children with her and ran a small sewing shop. Her life was once difficult. Jiang Xiurong helped her apply for provincial fund for entrepreneurship and employment and housing construction subsidy for disabled people. In consideration of her living conditions, Jiang Xiurong helped her apply for funds for the project of disabled peoples accessibility.

Huang Shaoxias sewing shop has many repeat customers because of its good service. Now every day I go to and from work, I have to go through this sewing shop and look at Huang Shaoxias smiling face. Im very happy. Jiang said that whenever people with disabilities who are living in difficulties get on the right track of life, it is worth more hard work and effort.