Vaccine research and development began in the United States on January 11! Trump admitted it

 Vaccine research and development began in the United States on January 11! Trump admitted it

On January 11, the United States began to develop vaccines, two months earlier than the outbreak of the new U.S. crown in mid March.

China shared the novel coronavirus genome sequence information with WHO in January 12th, and sounded the alarm bell for the world.

When the genome sequence of the virus was discovered in China, the U.S. began vaccine research?

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Why didnt you start early?

As soon as the comments were made, American netizens immediately fried the pot.

David Tam, an American netizen, tweeted to question Trump: so hes saying that hes been aware of the situation since January 11, but hasnt done anything in the next two months?

Other netizens seized Trumps loophole and questioned why the US accused China of concealing information? Can a White House press spokesman explain how scientists developed the vaccine on January 11, 2020? This requires specific information from China, and you claim that China conceals that information. When Chinese diplomats came to the White House on January 15, 2020, you asked nothing.

The evidence chain of truth is more and more perfect

Has the United States concealed the truth? As time goes on, the chain of evidence to uncover the truth is becoming more and more perfect.

According to a daily article on the website of business insider, the United States may have a new coronavirus in December last year, but the U.S. government made a fatal mistake of focusing on China in its early tracking of the epidemic.

Michael melham, mayor of Belleville, New Jersey, said he had contracted the new coronavirus in November. It was the flu season in the United States, and doctors believed that melham had the flu.