Hong Kong belongs to China since ancient times is brainwashing

 Hong Kong belongs to China since ancient times is brainwashing

Hong Kongs poison media Apple Daily reported Monday that the revised curriculum of Chinese history for junior high schools in Hong Kong will be implemented step by step from the first grade of junior high school in the new academic year in September this year. The newspaper announced that it has obtained a number of new samples of Chinese history textbooks which have not yet been launched on the market. Among them, the first grade junior high school textbooks added two full pages of theme inquiry, requiring students to verify or explain the materials Hong Kong has been the territory of China since ancient times.. The drug company attacked this as a penetrating brainwashing and called the new textbook penetrating (penetrating) political tasks. A spokesman for the Hong Kong Education Bureau refuted that the statement that some people or the media referred to this as a political requirement was made out of nothing and misleading. The Education Bureau deeply regretted it.

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According to reports, Hong Kong publishing houses have launched a new version of history textbooks in response to the curriculum revision. Seven sets of textbooks from five publishing houses have been submitted for review and listed in the applicable bibliography. Seven sets of textbooks for the first grade of junior high school are all in the section of Emperor Qinshihuangs South expedition to Baiyue, which refers to the establishment of Nanhai county and the inclusion of Hong Kong into the territory. In the new exploration of Chinese history published by LINGJI (Publishing Company), two full pages of Basic Law Online theme were set up at the end of the book, with the preface of basic law as the title: is it credible that Hong Kong has been Chinas territory since ancient times? The goal of learning is to confirm the preface. The book lists four materials and sets up four questions. Students are required to answer which materials can best confirm or explain why Hong Kong has been Chinas territory since ancient times.

Junior high school students need to learn the political task of Hong Kong is the territory of China since ancient times . The attack on the new textbook is a penetrating brainwashing for the next generation of Hong Kong, the Apple Daily reported on Monday. Chen Renqi, director of the Hong Kong Association of education, was quoted as questioning and proving that Hong Kong has always been a very strange territory of China, and slandering the new textbooks as obviously to meet the requirements of the government.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Education Bureau was also mentioned in the report. The spokesman said that the purpose of the course stated that students should have a sense of identity, belonging and responsibility to the country, the nation and the society. The learning objective also indicated that students should study the important events related to the development of Hong Kong in Chinese history. Students naturally need to understand the fact that Hong Kong belongs to the territory of China, and the relevant content belongs to the scope of historical learning.

The spokesman said that it is entirely reasonable for teachers to make good use of the contents of the Chinese history course to let students know the fact that Hong Kong is a part of China and in line with the educational arrangement of the basic law. The Education Bureau deeply regrets that the statement that individual scholars or media refer to this as a political requirement is totally groundless, fabricated and misleading.

Some Hong Kong netizens also said that Hong Kong has been a part of China since ancient times. Why politics? Is it a political task to make up Lin Zexus recklessness in the name of Shi Jingqian (an American historian) and is it a crime of treason? Some netizens also said that Hong Kong is part of China and that not admitting it can not change the facts. Some netizens said that people all know that poison fruit newspaper is a newspaper against Chinas chaos and Hong Kong, and they hope that citizens will stay away from poison fruit newspaper. A kind of

According to previous media reports, on May 24, 2018, the Hong Kong Education Bureau announced the revised curriculum outline of Chinese history and world history for junior high school, which will be officially implemented from 2020 to 2021. Among them, the highly concerned curriculum of Chinese history has cancelled the previous practice of listing Hong Kong history as an independent subject, instead, it has been integrated into the development of various periods, such as the relationship between the mainland and Hong Kong since the founding of the peoples Republic of China, the negotiation process between China and the UK on the future of Hong Kong, etc., and incorporated into the domestic and foreign affairs between the founding of the peoples Republic of China and 1978 and the reform and opening up policy.

Mr. Yang runxiong, Secretary for education of Hong Kong, said that the previous syllabus did not mention Hong Kongs position in Chinese history. The new syllabus will enable students to learn more about the relationship between Hong Kong and the country. Radio Hong Kong said he Hanquan, chairman of the Hong Kong Education Council, said that the new syllabus puts Hong Kong history into the context of Chinese history and teaches it in the way of integration theory, which is praiseworthy of putting relevant issues back to the right.