Teslas next super plant site will be in Tulsa or Austin near the end

 Teslas next super plant site will be in Tulsa or Austin near the end

In March, musk tweeted that Tesla was looking for a site for the so-called cybertruck super factory. Musk said at the time that the plant would be located in the middle of the United States and would be used to produce cybertruck and model y for the East Coast market.

Shortly after the tweet, the media learned that Tesla had an eye on Nashville, the capital of Tennessee in the south central US, and had talks with officials there. According to a source, Tesla informed Nashville officials this week that the city no longer has the location of Teslas super plant.

The mayor of Tulsa, Bynum, held talks with the Tulsa municipal government about the location of the super plantuff08 G.T.Bynum uff09The statement, issued by the office of, has neither been confirmed nor denied.

While I cant comment on potential projects, its clear that Tesla and Tulsa share the same aspirations. Tulsa is a city that doesnt kill entrepreneurs, and we respect them, Bynum said in an email statement. As Tesla continues to make rapid changes to peoples means of transportation around the world, I cant imagine that they can choose a better place than Tulsa to advance this important work.

It is believed that the plant will have as many similar product lines as possible and as much vertical integration as possible within a plant, which will bring huge efficiency, kirkhorn said at the time

Teslas super plant in Fremont, California, is the assembly base for the companys models, modelx and Model3 models. The plant used to be a joint venture between GM and Toyotas two carmakers, the United Automobile Manufacturing Company (NUMMI). Tesla acquired the plant in 2010 and upgraded it on a large scale. In June 2012, the first models manufactured by Tesla went offline at the plant.

Now Tesla is building another electric car super factory near Berlin, Germany. Once completed, the plant will produce model 3 and model y for the European market. (Tianmen Mountain)