Red rice 10x latest news: Pro version! The cheapest 5g mobile phone?

 Red rice 10x latest news: Pro version! The cheapest 5g mobile phone?

Hongmi 10x adopts a single hole full screen, which is the first single hole full screen mobile phone of redmi. It adopts a 2 + 1 card slot design and supports dual nanosim + microSD card.

In the core configuration, the redmi10x uses a 6.53-inch full screen with a resolution of 2340 u00d7 1080. The first joint development section g85 is equipped with 6GB memory + 128GB storage, 13 million pixels in the front, 48 million + 8 million + 2 million + 2 million four pictures in the back, and the battery capacity is 5020mah.

Recently, some foreign media exposed the specifications and colors of red rice 10x.

It is reported that the red rice 10x will have 4G and 5g versions, of which 4G version has 4 + 128GB / 6 + 128GB two SKUs, with white, sky blue and green colors available.

The red rice 10x5g is divided into four SKUs of 6 + 64GB / 6 + 128GB / 8 + 128GB / 8 + 256gb, including dark blue, purple, gold and silver.

In addition, foreign media said that the red rice 10X also has a large cup of Pro version, which is also a 5G model, with two SKU of 8+128GB/8+256GB. The colors can be dark blue, purple, gold, silver / white.

It is expected that the red rice 10x will be released this month along with new machines such as the red rice note10. Considering that the red rice 10x5g version starts with a minimum of 64GB, I believe that its starting price will also be very sincere, and it is possible to set a new low price of 5g mobile phones so far.

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Chen Gong and nt3893