Embarrassed! RTX 2080 runs unreal 5 engine demo faster than ps5

 Embarrassed! RTX 2080 runs unreal 5 engine demo faster than ps5

According to foreign media, it seems that demo, the virtual 5 technology, does not make full use of ps5s super fast SSD. After all, nvme970ssd is enough for the demo to reach 1440p / 40fps. So, if your PC has nvme970ssd + rtx2080 graphics card, then at least in this special technology demo, compared with ps5, the performance of PC does not fall behind, but instead exceeds the latter. This also means that PC players with this level of SSD and GPU dont have to worry about next generation games.

According to epic officials, the virtual 5dmeo represents one of the visions of the virtual engine for the next generation: making real-time rendering details comparable to movie CG and the real world, and enabling development teams of different sizes to achieve this goal through efficient tools and content libraries.

Unreal 5 will release a preview version earlier in 2021 and a full version later in 2021. It will support next-generation, current generation, PC, MAC, IOS and Android platforms.

Epic said that it is currently designing forward compatible functions, so that everyone can start the next generation development in unreal 4, and move the project to unreal 5 at the right time. We will send after-sales service to the next generation host, and let the fortress night developed by unreal 4 log on to the next generation host. In order to prove our industry-leading technology through internal development, we will move the game to illusory 5 in 2021.

In addition to the announcement of unreal engine 5, epic also announced the latest sharing threshold, which will increase to a total revenue of $1 million. Epic online services are now free to all developers.

Source: 3DMGAME editor in charge: Chen Gong, nt3893