Online class recommends Xiao Zhan teacher is suspended, parents say children cry

 Online class recommends Xiao Zhan teacher is suspended, parents say children cry

On the evening of March 15, the Bureau of education of Siming District of Xiamen issued a notice on Siming education network, saying that after investigation, the online video is a excerpt from the online class of a teacher of Lianhua middle school in the district on March 16. The teacher has realized that it is improper to introduce the topic of entertainment stars into classroom teaching and has made a profound review. Lianhua middle school has suspended the teacher.

Circular of Siming District Bureau of education of Xiamen

In the online video, there is an outline of the courseware on the screen. It seems that a female teacher said: I like Xiao Zhan. I like being frank and honest. I was a passer-by to scatter powder. After watching the petition, I think this young man seems to be quite good After pushing him to the top of the wave, I went to Archaeology and found that the young man had no black material. I like him, I hope my children learn from him, even all my family like him very much. Because I like it, I recommend that you can also like him. I hope you, my students, can be as bright and upright as he is, modest and polite, progressive and kind-hearted.

The teacher didnt hesitate to recommend Xiao Zhan to his parents: even today, I dont know if there are any parents who attend classes in front of the computer. I also recommend them to let them know that this person has received the orthodox national education and went to university for undergraduate. Is it wrong for your child to like him and make him a role model? Pink him, maybe the problem wont be too big.

The student cried after being suspended. Some parents called her responsible teacher

The Red Star News reporter learned that the teacher was a class head teacher in the second grade of Lianhua middle school, teaching Chinese. After graduating from the University in 2007, he entered the school to work. In January 2019, the teacher obtained the qualification of a teacher (middle school).

On the morning of the 16th, a parent told red star that a child cried after hearing the news that the teacher had been suspended.

She is a responsible teacher. The parents said that on the morning of the 16th, some parents were ready to support the teachers involved, fearing that it would cause more negative impact on teachers and students, so stop..

Some parents said in an interview with pear video that after learning from their children, the online class of online video is a composition lecture and evaluation class, the topic is online violence . In the course of the lecture and evaluation, they talked about the hot topic of Xiao Zhan, what is the evaluation of some fans, what is the evaluation of some fans, and what is the real evaluation of some fans, what does she (teacher) mean Is to tell children, network violence is very terrible, we should not follow the same example, to distinguish right from wrong, guide children not to chase stars casually, blindly.

Xiamen Lianhua middle school map data network

Some netizens revealed that the suspected teachers account was found on a social platform, and some of the content was consistent with the online class speech. A large number of articles and pictures on this account are mostly related to Xiao Zhan. At the same time, they have talked about their views on the education of minors for many times, and shared their life trivia and feelings. In his May 13 article let go of the teacher and save the children, the author talked about his views on Star chasing: star chasing is not the original sin. The idols chosen by the rational star chasers are mostly in accordance with their own three views, which can promote each other, make common progress, and become better themselves under the guidance of idols.

Not only in online classes, but also offline classes and class meetings, I take stars as an example more than once to cook a thick soup of soul Chicken Soup for students, which is nicknamed chicken soup teacher by students, the author said frankly In her opinion, taking stars as an example to educate students is a way of respecting and getting close to the young generation and educating and guiding them more effectively and effectively.

According to this, the Red Star reporter called Lianhua middle school for confirmation, but the call could not be connected. The staff of the duty room of Siming District Education Bureau said that they were not clear about the specific process, but the notification is the result of investigation and verification, and the teacher also recognized the inadequacy, and made a review, subject to the notification..

Experts: the identity of fans and teachers should be separated and young teachers should be given full play

Recently, the school teachers behavior of organizing students to help artists has been reported in the media for many times, which has aroused widespread doubts. On May 10, a netizen posted a video of a school teacher in Suqian, Jiangsu, leading students to help Xiao Zhan. The school then suspended the teachers concerned. After that, a kindergarten teacher in Xiayi, Henan Province was exposed to organize students to help Wang Junkai. It was only verified by the local education bureau that the incident happened in 2017 and the relevant teachers had been dismissed.

For such a phenomenon, Chen Duan, deputy director of Journalism Department of Central University of Finance and economics and director of China Economic Digital Economy Research Center, told Red Star news that although such an event looks like an entertainment news at present, the trend revealed behind it deserves our in-depth consideration and attention.

Suqian teacher organizes students to help Xiao Zhan and is suspended

Chen Duan said that more and more post-90s and post-00s began to enter the mainstream stage of society, make a voice and release social influence. This generation belongs to the digital aborigines , which grew up in the context of new entertainment and digitalization. For them, fan culture is the natural background environment and memory in their growth process.

She believes that when these young fans grow up to be adults and start to perform education for the next generation through their own posts in the education system, their accumulated cultural preferences or custom experience will be unconsciously passed on to the next generation through various words and deeds, which involves the intergenerational division and inheritance of value orientation.

When they enter the mainstream stage of society, they form their own certain social influence. At least in the face of their small circle class, the students Association has value orientation and public opinion influence, which may exceed the scope of simple fans voice and become an organizational behavior, which is worthy of attention. Chen Duan said.

In Chen Duans view, there should be a gap between the star chasing behavior as a fan and the job responsibilities as a teacher. At the same time, the school should also express its position and limit on it. The bottom line can be made clear through oral communication and warning of some typical events.

She believes that it is no problem to take the hot star event as a cultural phenomenon and put it into the classroom to conduct an open discussion on a public event, but if we launch an activity or organize the issue of chasing stars within the formal education system of the government, it will exceed the bottom line.

Chen Duan believes that in this respect, we can give certain direction, but it is not suitable for one size fits all, and we should guarantee the diversity of modern culture and the innovation vitality of cultural generations. Its more of a bottom line management. If a knife is stuck, it is not conducive to the enthusiasm and creativity of young teachers, but if left unchecked, it may also have negative consequences.

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