Northern capital sweep! More than 2 billion people enter the home appliances industry

 Northern capital sweep! More than 2 billion people enter the home appliances industry

Northbound capital continues to buy auto shares

According to statistics of securities times u00b7 databao, the number of capital holdings in Beishang increased by 8 industries month on month this week. The number of shares held by the mechanical equipment and leisure service industries increased by more than 2% on a month on month basis, of which the mechanical equipment industry increased its positions the most significantly on a month on month basis. Beishang capital held 3.091 billion shares in the industry this weekend, an increase of 2.79% on a month on month basis.

Among the industries with reduced positions, the textile and garment industry saw the most significant reduction, with 264 million shares held by capital from the north this week, down 4.77% month on month; other industries with more reduced positions include non-ferrous metals, building decoration, etc.

Among the above-mentioned positions, the automobile industry has obtained capital positions in the north for five consecutive weeks, with the number of shares increased by 9.34% compared with five weeks ago.

Beishang capital focuses on buying 45 shares this week

There are 34 stocks on the list of active trading this week. In terms of industry, among the active trading stocks on the list this week, the electronic industry is the most concentrated, with 9 stocks on the list. The largest turnover is Gree Electric appliances, with a total turnover of 9.267 billion yuan this week; the second is Moutai, Guizhou, with a total turnover of 5.305 billion yuan; the highest turnover is Ningde times, Hengrui medicine, etc.

According to the statistics of net buying and selling amount, there are 23 stocks on the list this week. Gree Electric appliances has the largest net buying amount, with a net buying amount of 1.072 billion yuan this week, followed by Midea Group and Wuxi apptec, with a net buying amount of 1.03 billion yuan and 825 million yuan respectively. Among the net selling stocks, the largest net selling amount is muyuan shares, with a net selling amount of 790 million yuan this week.

The total amount of Beishang capitals net purchase of Gree Electric and Midea Groups two major electric giants amounted to 2.1 billion yuan, accounting for more than half of the total amount of Beishang capitals net inflow into a shares. In fact, Beishang capitals substantial purchase of home appliance Shuangxiong is due to its preference for A-share core assets of large consumption. Especially, Dong Mingzhu, the leader of Gree, has made a very gratifying achievement in the recent live delivery of goods, which has boosted the markets confidence in the home appliance industry.

This week, there were 523 additional shares in the capital of Beishang, which exceeded the proportion of additional shares Zero point five 45 percent. Specifically, the most obvious proportion of the increase in the position of ZhangYue technology is the latest shareholding ratio 4.19% , month on month increase one point three two Percentage points; followed by contact interaction, the shareholding ratio increases month on month one point two nine Percentage points; other top positions include Weil, mobile communications, Tianshan, Hongta securities, Jinyu medicine, saiteng, etc.

Recently, the event of new contract of Yuewen group set off a wave in the digital reading market, which triggered a collective protest of numerous online writers. For a time, Yuewen group became the hot spot of public opinion for several consecutive days. Palm reading technology in the field of A-share digital reading has also attracted market attention. In particular, the companys financial report in the first quarter of 2020 is gratifying, with revenue of 491 million yuan in the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of 9.25%, and net profit attributable to the parent of 55 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 78.25%, creating a new high of the companys single quarter growth.

In terms of market performance, the top 20 stocks in the capital market this week rose more than fell. Specifically, 15 shares rose while 5 shares fell. Data ports share price rose the most this week, up 13.16%, Ziguang Guowei rose 11.61% this week, and Ningbo Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. and Zhou Dasheng Co., Ltd. were the other big gainers.

Data treasure statistics show that the northern capital bought 88 shares for four consecutive weeks. In terms of industries, there are 12 stocks in the pharmaceutical and biological industries.

To lengthen the time, 18 shares were added to the north for seven consecutive weeks. From the perspective of the change of shareholding ratio, Weichai Power has the largest number of shares added to the position, which is 3.58 percentage points higher than that of capital holding in Beishang seven weeks ago; other positions added include gibbit, Huichuan technology, Meiya optoelectronics, Zhejiang Dingli, etc.

From the perspective of market performance, among the seven consecutive weeks of positions adding stocks of Beishang capital, the stock price of 8 stocks rose last week, with Zhejiangs biggest increase of 6.03%, and the other big increases were gibbet, Lianmei holding, etc. Sany Heavy Industry, etc. suffered a large decline.

Beijing Capital sold 78 shares for four consecutive weeks

Data treasure statistics show that the northern capital sold 78 shares for four consecutive weeks. In terms of industries, the pharmaceutical and biological industries have the largest number of stocks, with 12 stocks.

From the change of shareholding ratio, compared with four weeks ago, the reduction ratio of 27 shares exceeds 0.5%. Huaxia aviation has the largest reduction in position, 3.86 percentage points lower than that four weeks ago. Other large reduction positions include focus technology, aoshikang, etc.

In terms of market performance, 29 stocks of northbound capital gained in the last week among the stocks whose positions were reduced for four consecutive weeks. The biggest increase was in the development of Shengnong, which rose 20.94% last week, with Juewei food, kouziao, etc.

49 shares fell, with Donghua software the biggest loser, down 7.25% this week, with Huace film and television and China International Trade among the biggest losers. (data treasure Wang Linpeng)

Source: Dabao editor in charge: Guo Chenqi, nbj9931