Wang Jianyu, the protagonist of the incident, appeared but remained silent

 Wang Jianyu, the protagonist of the incident, appeared but remained silent

So far, Wang Jianyu himself has not responded to the incident to the outside world.

On the afternoon of May 15, the reporter entered the office building of CLP motor headquarters under the leadership of the staff. This is a five story brown black building. The general meeting of shareholders will be held in the large meeting room on the first floor.

On the long table in the middle of the conference room, there are different words of xika. The reporter accidentally found the name of Wang Jianyu.

Near 2 p.m., the general meeting of shareholders is about to begin. Wang Jianyu, wearing a white shirt, enters the meeting room and smiles to the shareholders, two lawyers, directors, supervisors and executives of the company. He looks energetic with a pair of glasses.

In addition to Wang Jianyu, the major shareholder, there were also three minority shareholders, including journalists. With the consent of all directors present at the meeting, Wang Jianyu acted as the acting host of the general meeting.

The main agenda of this general meeting of shareholders is to consider 13 proposals including the work report of the board of directors in 2019. According to the process, the directors, supervisors and executives of CLP need to report these proposals in turn and wait for the shareholders to vote.

Founded in 2003, CLP motors main business is R & D, production and sales of large and medium-sized DC motor, medium and high voltage AC motor, generator, power system of motor test station and power system of switch test station.

In January last year, Wang Jianyu, together with his brother Wang Jiankai and father Wang Panrong, transferred a total of 21.47% shares of CLP motor to Ningbo juntuo company and gave up part of their voting rights.

After the 750 million yuan deal, the Wang family lost control of CLP. Wang Jianyu also resigned as chairman of the company and changed to director and general manager of CLP motor.

I should say, thank you very much. Lets pay attention to the situation of the company. I should say, Wang Jianyu looks down and seems to be looking at the A4 paper on the table with the agenda printed. After pausing for a few seconds, adjusting his mood slightly, he continued, I think I can still perform my duties normally.

Plus, for all that, he paused for a few more seconds, his mood more volatile, as if to apologize to the outside world. Immediately, Liu Kai, the Secretary of the board of directors sitting beside him, took over the topic and said that the incident was Wang Jianyus personal matter and had nothing to do with the company. CLP motor also issued relevant statements before, and Wang Jianyu is still qualified to perform his duties.

A week ago, local police told reporters on the interface that the investigation found that Wang Jianyus unauthorized entry into Huayongs plant and shooting did not constitute a condition for filing a case.

For this news, Huayong motor and CLP motor kept silent.

An unnamed wind power head complete machine enterprise said that compared with Huayong motor, CLP motor is more famous and stronger in the industry, the two enterprises are not at the same level..

The person speculated that with the increasing power of offshore wind turbines and the higher technical difficulty of matching motors, Wang Jianyus sneak shooting action may indicate that the senior management of the enterprise has insufficient confidence in technology, or to save research and development costs.

In the interval of the general meeting of shareholders, Wang Jianyu has recovered his mental state at the beginning of the meeting.

In a small conference room on the first floor, Wang Jianyu told reporters about the past of CLP motor and its layout in the industry.

With a history of 17 years, CLP motor has been engaged in a highly professional generator manufacturing business with a low profile. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2014. Among about 4000 listed companies in China, CLP motors annual revenue of 600 million yuan and the scale of 614 employees are only small enterprises with unknown origins.

After leading the listing of CLP motor, Wang Jianyu and Wang Jiankai also acquired a company called VEM in 2017, which has 1500 employees and is a well-known motor manufacturer in Germany. Prior to the acquisition, VEM had an annual revenue of about 200 million euros (about 1.5 billion yuan).

VEM is the abbreviation of United Electric Machinery Manufacturing (vereinigtereelektro maschinenbau), headquartered in Dresden, Germany. Although its history can be traced back to 1886, the company was actually founded by the famous local merckler family. In 1997, the family purchased several state-owned electric machinery factories in the former East Germany and integrated them into todays VEM company.

Due to the weak synergy, Merkel, who has turned its investment focus to the cement building materials and pharmaceutical industry, has decided to sell VEM as a whole. The total value of the deal was 88 million euros (about 670 million yuan), including 70 million euros for asset purchases and 18 million euros to supplement the companys working capital.

The purpose of the acquisition is very clear. VEM will become a platform for the future internationalization of CLP motor, and help the company to accumulate brand effect and technical strength.

Wang Jianyu described the position of VEM in the motor industry as Mercedes Benz in the automobile industry, while the self founded CLP motor was included in the ranks of mass products. He promised to keep the brand of VEM group and five factories in Germany.

Wang Jianyu did not use the resources of listed companies for the acquisition of VEM. Wang Jianyu and Wang Jiankai obtained financing by pledging the equity of CLP motor.

Wang Jianyu explained that the main reason was the loss of VEM at that time, and the direct acquisition of this asset by a listed company may cause risks.

This kind of risk finally came to Wang Jianyus family in other ways. At the end of the third quarter of 2018, nearly 90% of the 57% shares of the listed company held by Wang Jianyu and Wang Jiankai were pledged.

At the end of 2018, due to the risk of equity pledge caused by the falling share price of CLP motor, the Wang Jianyu family chose to transfer the shares of the listed company to transfer the funds needed for the acquisition of VEM.

As a result, Ningbo juntuo became the controlling shareholder of CLM, a state-owned investor who nominated a new chairman for CLM and Wang Jianyu became general manager.

Wang Jianyu said that the governance of listed companies at the board level has become more perfect after the new shareholders become the owners.

Wang Jianyu did not give a specific evaluation of the acquisition of VEM. He explained that due to the short acquisition time, there was no way to evaluate objectively, and the final outcome of the acquisition would depend on the subsequent operations. But Wang also admitted that VEM is still in the post acquisition pain period, and last years performance did not meet expectations.

Wang Jianyu said that since the second half of last year, VEM has gradually accepted the management concept of Chinese shareholders, and the management has also accepted the suggestions and implemented some new measures. Now the trend of VEM is getting better.

When acquiring VEM, Wang Jianyu, as the controlling shareholder of CLM at that time, promised that if the companys future assets, profits and other conditions meet the acquisition standards of listed companies, CLM would be given the priority to acquire. But at present, there is no specific plan for this capital operation.

At the end of the interview, the reporter asked Wang Jianyu again if he had intended to make a statement about Huayong electric, and he also did not directly respond.

That night, Wang Jianyu passed the reporters wechat friend application. His head is a picture of his side face. Wang Jianyu, wearing glasses, looks at the distance thoughtfully.

No one knows what hes thinking in the photo, just like the outside world still has no way to know why the entrepreneur, who is rated by his subordinates as having an electric dream, will appear where he shouldnt have.

(Qian Boyan, a special reporter of the interface news, also contributed to this article.)