New progress! Three major operators disclose the key deployment of 5g construction

 New progress! Three major operators disclose the key deployment of 5g construction

China Telecom has always adhered to Sas independent networking lead, and by the end of last year, it has realized 5g independent networking in Shenzhen, the first commercial network in the world. In terms of 5g development, we have focused on strengthening the integration of 5g with emerging technologies and industries, and achieved good results.

5g, as the key infrastructure supporting the digital, networked and intelligent transformation of economic society, has become the top priority of the new infrastructure. Operators are constantly accelerating 5g layout, upgrading new consumption through new infrastructure and forming new momentum.

Gao Tongqing said that the new momentum in the future starts from new infrastructure. 5g, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other new infrastructure are opportunities to accelerate a series of structural transformation, such as fixed migration integration and cloud network edge integration, and are the basis for realizing the supply of comprehensive resources of bandwidth, computing power, capacity and application.

Liu Guiqing, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group, also believes that 5g is the first of the new infrastructure, the representative and leading technology of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, and the strategic resources and public infrastructure to support the future economic and social development.

China Mobile will implement the 5g + Plan, take the development of 5g as the most important measure to implement the new infrastructure, strengthen the foundation and follow the network. In 2020, 5g network coverage will be achieved in urban areas above the city level, with a net increase of 70 million 5g package customers; efforts will be made to promote 5gsas national business and realize 5g characteristic capabilities; 14 vertical industries will be gathered to create 100 5g demonstration applications with industry influence and replication promotion.

Application is the key to 5gs development. China Telecom promotes the construction of rich application ecology through 5g + cloud network integration, focuses on 5g + cloud network integration + AI + security, empowers the industrial Internet, promotes the popularization of intelligent manufacturing and flexible production, promotes the industrial upgrading and development, carries out the construction of intelligent education, intelligent medical care and digital government, and improves the quality of public services and the level of urban governance Carry out the research and development of intelligent vehicle road coordination system.

In recent years, China has issued opinions on building a more perfect market-oriented allocation system and mechanism of factors, and for the first time, data and land, labor, capital, technology are listed as five production factors, which is of great significance.

Gao Tongqing said that in the future, it will be an important issue for the whole industry to realize in-depth integration of elements, sharing nothing and orderly flow. China Mobile will give full play to its own resource endowment, adhere to the new development concept, adhere to innovation driven, promote the integration of various elements, promote the construction of core competence, and forge the core competitiveness of element + capability. We are willing to work with our partners to explore the market-oriented allocation of factors, so as to promote technological innovation, value promotion and economic transformation, and promote Chinas high-quality development.

Liu Guiqing believes that improving the independent innovation ability of key technologies will lay a solid foundation for building sustainable development. The key core technology is the most important tool of the country, the biggest lifeline, and the biggest hidden danger is that the core technology is controlled by people. In ICT and new infrastructure, without the breakthrough and control of key core technologies, we can only be followers forever and cannot be leaders. It is imperative to vigorously promote the technological innovation and breakthrough in 5g and cloud network integration and build a world leading information infrastructure. Network information security is the lifeline of new infrastructure construction. 5g and cloud infrastructure should be firmly in our own hands. Liu Guiqing said that to build a safe, reliable and reliable 5g and cloud integration product is the goal of China Telecom to provide customers with security services. China Telecom is building the next generation of end-to-end cloud network integrated operation management system, which can provide customers with agile service opening, predictable fault detection and more powerful self maintenance capabilities for network operation. Source: Wang Xiaowu NF, editor in charge of first finance and Economics Network