Na Ying: its painful to miss 10 years of unmarried children, but because of two things, she made netizens scold her

 Na Ying: its painful to miss 10 years of unmarried children, but because of two things, she made netizens scold her

In fact, Nayings voice and singing method were gradually formed after the adjustment of Mr. Gu Jianfen, so this also restricted her upper limit. Even as a fan of that sister, I have to admit that her progress in singing is not obvious.

Of course, the starting point is high, so there is no need to question the strength.

Besides, Na Ying is not an idol type artist. She is really a singer who sings red one by one. There are many classic tracks, such as mountain doesnt turn to water, Conquest, dark day doesnt understand night, seeing flowers in fog, dating 98, etc.

As a straight girl, Na Ying is more representative of northeast sister paper. She has a broad personality. People who understand her will like it very much, so she has a good reputation in the circle. No idea, super enthusiastic, lots of friends.

But in emotion, such a character is short board. As we all know, her ten-year sadistic love with the football prodigal peak has become the most painful memory of Na Yings life.

In 1995, Mao Ning, a warm-hearted man, introduced Gaofeng to his friend Na Ying. They fell in love at first sight and fell in love soon.

At that time, Na Ying was at the top of her career. All her friends, like Faye Wang and Zhao Wei, advised her to calm down and not be confused by love.

But Na Yings character is so stubborn that she not only refuses to listen to advice, but also quickly starts living with Gao Feng, and starts to build herself into a standard housewife. Its nothing to do with washing and cooking.

In fact, women all have such a common fault, knowing that the other side is a prodigal son, but always feel that they can become his last, and take this as a sense of achievement. As a result, not all of them have lost their horses?

Of course, Gao Feng doesnt admit it, but Wang Nawen is not simple. He held a press conference and took out the DNA test of Xiaoyue to ask Gao Feng for alimony and compensation.

For a time, thousands of people pointed at the peak of the spearhead, seeing his career ruined, but Na Ying has a magic trick.

On October 15, 2004, Na Ying gave birth to her next son by caesarean section in Beijing United Family Hospital, her nickname is happy. She held her baby and attended a press conference with Gao Feng, which showed everything.

It can be seen that Na Ying really has no intention and looks a little silly. However, it can also be seen that she has a deep love for Gaofeng.

But in the end, Gao failed her, and never married her. It seems that the drama of the infatuated woman and the infatuated man has never stopped.

In 2005, Na Ying, 38, made a choice to get rid of this bad relationship.

But it doesnt matter, the road of life is long, there will always be a person in the distance waiting for you, cherish your past, love your talent.

In 2006, Na Ying found her lifelong love, Meng Tong, the owner of the bar, and embarked on a happy journey.

It was not long before they got married together. It is worth mentioning that Meng Tong was not simple. He got his MBA degree in Germany before returning home and opened VICS bar. He accepted Gao Fengs son happy generously and treated him as if he had left.

In 2007, Na Ying and Meng Tong sent another good news. They gave birth to their daughter in Canada. They took their little name as apple. So the family, with apple, is happy to live together. They are happy until now.

In 2012, Na Ying returned to the reality show the voice of China produced by Zhejiang satellite TV. He worked with Liu Huan, Yu Chengqing and Yang Kun as tutors for the students and dominated the screen for five consecutive times.

Her small class 2 left a moving moment for many people, and pushed her career to the top again.

In the east corner of the show, the lost Sangyu bar, along with the fire of the program, Na Ying was quickly pushed down the altar of Chinese Queen for two things.

The first thing is about Yao Beina, the soul singer.

In that seasons good voice, Yao Beina with solid singing skills, conquered all people, in the hearts of the audience, she has long been the best choice for the group leader.

But on the day of the finals, Na Ying chose a slow-paced love song am I the one you love the most for Xuanxuan of PK together, while Yao Beina sang all by my self, which is recognized as one of the ten most difficult songs in the world, with high notes all the way.

Moreover, when the program was recorded, it was already one oclock in the morning.

We dont mean that Xuanxuan is not good enough. They are all singing attentively, but the reason why Nayings practice is questioned may be the same as the media guessed: Xuanxuan is more valuable in terms of age and appearance.

Later, sun Honglei sent a micro blog, saying: Hello, teachers, stop acting, please!

In the interview, sun Honglei said frankly: I like Chinas good voice and I also watch Americas good dance, so I was disgusted that day, and then I sent a micro blog Its not that acting is too bad. What kind of tutor do you like? What should you do when you go home.

At the same time, sun Honglei also said that I didnt name the Taoist family, I just dont like the phenomenon of being packaged.

So because of this, Na Ying still hasnt been forgiven by netizens today. And a year later, Yao Beina left us forever because of illness and went to heaven with her wonderful singing.

The second thing about the recruitment is the comment on the singer Dao Lang.

She said bluntly: who are the people who listen to Dao Lang? All the people who go to KTV to order Daolang song are farmers. Apart from the record sales, he has no qualification to put it in the influential singers for ten years.

Since then, as long as Na Ying makes a sound, netizens will swipe the screen and ask Na Ying to apologize to Dao Lang.

Cheng Yixiao he defeated Xiao He, and Na Yings popularity soared by virtue of her good voice on the screen. Her appearance fee is the same as Jay Chous, but because of her careless character, she also brought herself too much trouble.

As a woman, Na Yings experience deserves our sympathy, and we deeply wish her a happy family and healthy growth of her children. As a singer and students tutor, she has left too many classic songs, which have been handed down till now. However, I hope that elder sister will be more careful about her mouth, not be frank, and say what she wants in her mind.

You know, its awesome.


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