Comprehensively strengthen epidemic prevention and control in Fengman District of Jilin City: urban and rural residents cannot leave the city in principle

 Comprehensively strengthen epidemic prevention and control in Fengman District of Jilin City: urban and rural residents cannot leave the city in principle

1u3001 We will give full play to the role of community villages, industrial departments, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and carry out grid and carpet type comprehensive investigation on the close contact personnel, secondary close contact personnel, general contact personnel of confirmed cases, overseas returnees to Kyrgyzstan and returnees and residents in high and medium risk areas, so as to ensure that no one household or person is missed. The units and individuals involved must cooperate unconditionally according to law, shall not conceal the medical history, close contact history, and shall not evade isolation medical observation. If they refuse to cooperate, the public security organ shall take compulsory measures according to law.

2u3001 In urban areas, residential areas are taken as units to implement closed management and control. Only one access is reserved in the closed management community (to ensure the passage of special vehicles such as fire fighting and rescue vehicles). The unclosed community should adopt flexible and applicable methods for closed management, and the entry of foreign personnel and vehicles is prohibited. The prevention and control monitoring points shall be set up, and the temperature measurement, code scanning and registration of personnel in and out of the site shall be carried out within 24 hours. Each family can only send one family member to go out once a day to purchase living materials. Except for the needs of epidemic prevention and control work, sick medical treatment, emergency response, other personnel are not allowed to go out.

3u3001 Villages take natural villages as the unit, all intersections are guarded by specially assigned persons, 24-hour strict control personnel go out, each family only sends one family member to go out to purchase living materials every day, if it is necessary to go out of villages (villages) under extremely special circumstances, it must be certified by the village committee before going out.

4u3001 In principle, urban and rural residents are not allowed to leave the city. If they really need to go to other places, they can only register out of the city after holding a negative nucleic acid test report at their own expense within 48 hours and strictly isolating themselves.

5u3001 The lessor shall provide the lessee information to the community in a timely manner and cooperate with the epidemic prevention work. During the epidemic period, no new houses shall be rented and no new reception shall be allowed. Strengthen the management and control of the lessee. If the epidemic situation of the leased house is not reported in time, the responsibility of the main unit or individual who rents the house will be investigated according to law.

6u3001 Strengthen the control of drugstores and clinics, stop the sale of one withdrawal and two anti drugs (antipyretic, antiviral and antibiotic drugs) in drugstores in the region, and close all individual clinics.

7u3001 The main leaders of the party and government of each township (town) and Development Zone and all the staff of the Department directly under the district are on duty. The main leaders should lead the team to participate in the epidemic prevention work. The members of the team should be on duty. The normal business staff can work through telephone, mobile phone, network, video and other channels and ways to minimize meetings and personnel aggregation, and effectively control the scope and number of participants.

8u3001 The government affairs service center and other public offices are closed to the outside world, and online processing can be adopted to provide relevant services for enterprises and the masses.

9u3001 The start-up and resumption of work enterprises shall strictly follow the requirements of the guidelines for prevention and control of epidemic situation of resumption of work of Jilin provincial government, enterprises and institutions (version 1.0), and implement all epidemic prevention and control and safety measures for the start-up and resumption of work; all schools in the region shall suspend classes in the third grade of the first year, and other grades, and the education department shall strictly follow the requirements of the higher level, and do a good job in the prevention and control of school epidemic situation, health, market supervision and work Information, public security, transportation and other departments should give full play to the role of joint prevention and control mechanism, implement detailed prevention and control measures, and ensure the absolute safety of the campus.

10u3001 All Party members and cadres, deputies to the National Peoples Congress and members of the CPPCC should give full play to their leading role, take good care of themselves and their relatives, and promote friends and neighbors to consciously abide by the relevant provisions on epidemic prevention and control.

11u3001 All organs, enterprises and institutions in the region shall strengthen the publicity, education, supervision and management of their own cadres and employees, correctly treat the epidemic prevention and control work, and take the lead in implementing the personnel travel control measures.

12u3001 In principle, urban and rural residents should not go out of the house, go to the street, visit the door or gather in addition to their work, life, medical treatment and other necessary needs. Public security organs shall severely crack down on those who refuse to listen to the management and dissuasion of the staff and gather people to make trouble. Where Party members, cadres or public officials are found to be disobedient to management, disobey persuasion or participate in mob disturbances, the discipline inspection and supervision organs shall seriously pursue accountability.

13u3001 All indoor scenic spots, theaters, dance halls, entertainment halls, commercial performance places, Internet bars, indoor stadiums, chess and card rooms, mahjong halls, billiards halls, baths and other places where people gather will be closed temporarily.

14u3001 Personnel gathering activities will be suspended. In principle, all catering units in the district are forbidden to eat in the hall (take out service can be provided), and any unit or individual is forbidden to hold any form of dinner party.

15u3001 All townships (towns) and streets, departments (units) should strengthen publicity, guide the masses to reduce their activities outside, fully mobilize the masses to consciously stay at home, effectively cut off the transmission of the virus, and vigorously create a strong atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control. All personnel must wear masks when entering public places and taking buses, taxis, Internet cars and other public transportation vehicles.

The release time of the above control measures shall be notified separately according to the change of epidemic prevention and control situation.

The announcement on strict control of Fengman District of Jilin city to be adjusted as a stroke insurance area issued on May 11 was abolished.

Notice is hereby given.

Pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus in Fengman District

Leading group for epidemic prevention and control

May 17, 2020

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