The landlord claimed 30000 use fee for the power of attorney for a school district owned by a parent in Shenzhen, and the Department responded

 The landlord claimed 30000 use fee for the power of attorney for a school district owned by a parent in Shenzhen, and the Department responded

Inform the parents one week before the online application to provide the authorization for use of degree room

In the past years, families who rent houses without property rights, such as small property rights houses and farmer houses, need to submit housing lease information, commonly known as blueprint, when applying for degrees, which needs to be handled jointly by both parties. In recent years, many districts in Shenzhen have implemented the full lock-in of degrees in the compulsory education stage. The blueprint can not only clarify the relevant information of rental families when applying for degrees, but also guarantee the landlords right to know about the lock-in of degrees in their own houses to a certain extent.

From May 2019, Shenzhen closed the house rental information. According to the guidance of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of education, relevant rental families can use the mainland residents collection form as housing materials for degree application after registering residence information. NaNTU reporter learned that the mainland residents collection form can be registered at the community workstation, without the presence of the landlord.

In April this year, some districts in Shenzhen sent letters to the owners (landlords) on confirming the use of housing degrees, and Longhua District also issued relevant reminders. It is mentioned that: in order to ensure that the owner (landlord) and the lessee understand the degree needs of both parties and the use of housing degree, the owner (landlord) is requested to understand and verify the degree needs of the lessee (children) before May 10, and confirm the use of housing degree. If the owner (landlord) needs to retain the degree, please make relevant agreements with the lessee at the time of lease, and check the degree locking status of the house in time.

On May 15, online application for compulsory education in autumn 2020 in Longhua District was launched. A week ago, the Longhua District Education Bureau issued guidelines on its official account of WeChat public, Longhua education. It said: rent free documents or rental information households are not available. In addition to the housing lease contract and the collection of mainland residents, a degree authorization is also required. This makes many parents who rent houses without property rights, such as small property rights houses and farmer houses, feel unprepared.

Starting price for landlords: 30000 degree fee

Ms. Lis family started renting in a farmers house in Longhua District in 2018. This year, they are going to apply for a junior one degree from the nearby Minzhi primary school. In 2019, Ms. Li knew the news that Bluebook had stopped processing, at that time, she thought that the policy requirements must be more and more simple. I didnt expect to see the announcement one week before I signed up. I also need to provide a degree room use authorization.

After putting forward the demand to the landlord, Ms. Li was informed that 30000 yuan degree use fee should be provided. Ms. Li told reporters that in previous years, landlords also need to pay a little money to handle the blue book, but its usually 23000 yuan. Now landlords charge 30000 yuan, which is too high.

If you can prepare one year in advance, you will not be killed so much by the landlord. Said Ms. Li. Because the landlords degree fee is too high, she is looking for another rent. To communicate with the (New) landlord, to move, and to prepare for the application, the new requirement made the life of Ms. Lis family very busy.

Near the application, time is pressing, many landlords in Longhua District set the starting price. Ms. Liu also plans to apply for a degree in Minzhi primary school for her children this year. Renting a house without property rights, she has encountered a similar situation with Ms. Li.

Ms. Liu has been renting in the present house for a year and a half. Before that, the landlord had promised her that she could do blueprints for free. Thats why she rented the house. Now after the new requirements came out, the landlord proposed that Ms. Liu should pay a deposit of 8000 yuan, and that she should stay for six years without refunding. This is unacceptable to Ms. Liu, six years is too long. Im not sure if I will move. Im still applying for public rental.. In the past, some landlords used to charge 2000 yuan for leasing information, and I might accept it if they asked me to give them two or three thousand yuan. Ms Liu told reporters.

Department response: extension of submission time

Longhua District Education Bureau explained that in previous years, the housing rental information and housing rental certificate submitted by the rental family when applying for a degree, as well as the school district housing use authorization, all need to be handled by the landlord, so this requirement is not sudden. On the other hand, if only the community grid registration information is used to apply for a degree this year, it is difficult to guarantee the landlords right to know about the degree lock-in situation of his own house. Therefore, Longhua District requires the landlords power of attorney when applying for a degree. Other districts also confirm the landlords right to know about the locking situation of the school district through various ways.

At the same time, Longhua District Education Bureau responded to Nandu that it did not have the function of supervision over the behavior of landlords asking for prices at will. Relevant government departments are required to deal with this unreasonable phenomenon according to relevant laws and government documents.

Caiwriten: he Ruyan, reporter of Nandu

Score now

Named unit:

74 points good

Intervention speed: 20 points

Reason: one week after the policy was issued, the Bureau learned about the parents demands and made a notice response.

Processing progress: 24 points

Reason: the delay has been implemented, but for the parents who want to find another house and talk with the landlord, the delay of one month is still in a hurry, causing many troubles.

Immediate researcher score: 15 points

After the blueprint was cancelled, many parents took a wait-and-see attitude. In fact, most parents will prepare for their childrens school problems in advance. The parents in the interview reached verbal agreements with the landlord when they rented the house. At the same time, the researcher also learned that before the policy was released, Longhua District had sent a written reminder on this matter. But the policy was released a week before the registration, which was undoubtedly too hasty, and also gave the landlord the capital to start the price. For these families who rent in the farmers houses, the suddenly soaring degree fee is really unbearable, and has a great impact on the whole familys life.

The policies related to degree application are generally issued half a year to several months before application. Researchers believe that even if the school district housing authorization is extended for one month, it is also hasty for parents.

In addition, to ensure that the landlords right to know about the degree lock-in is reasonable, but the government should actively intervene in the behavior of the degree occupation, so as to avoid the bad atmosphere.

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