Wing flight experts: female college students who lose contact are less likely to fall to the ground directly

 Wing flight experts: female college students who lose contact are less likely to fall to the ground directly

The scene is cloudy and foggy with complex terrain

Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie is a very good venue for competitions. There have been many large-scale competitions of wing flight. There are cliffs with an altitude of more than 1000 meters and vertical cliff bodies with an altitude of 200-300 meters, which meet the needs of low-altitude wing parachute jumping. If the vertical distance does not meet this requirement, you cant fly. The unpowered wing flight always glides downward.

Sheng Guangqiang completed two flights in Tianmen Mountain of Zhangjiajie in 2015. In his opinion, the geomorphic environment here has created good competition conditions for wing outfit flight and attracted many competitions and professional athletes. Of course, as a resort for wing outfit flight, it doesnt mean that it is not difficult.

On the contrary, Sheng Guangqiang told reporters, there are many mountains and complex terrain here. In addition, there are many clouds and fogs in the mountains, which will affect the visibility.

In addition, the wind force on the day of flight is also an important factor to be considered, said Sheng Guangqiang: for our wing mounted flight, it is necessary to monitor the weather closely, and the weather without wind is the best. If the wind force is large, the flight speed will become faster, and it may lead to rollover in flight, which is very dangerous.

It sounds that Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie is not easy to fly. If you come here for the first time, you are not familiar with this site, and you are not fully prepared, the difficulty will be greatly increased.

Wing flight belongs to one of the extreme sports.

Back to the current issue of pilot loss of contact, the public information shows that the 24-year-old female pilot took off from a helicopter with a height of 2500 meters on May 12 at 11 a.m. in this regard, Sheng Guangqiang pointed out that this is actually a high-altitude wing parachute.

Wing mounted flight is divided into high altitude wing mounted parachute and low altitude wing mounted parachute. The former generally takes off at an altitude of more than 2000 meters to more than 4000 meters, which is much less difficult than the latter. Low altitude wing mounted parachute is closer to the ground, has shorter landing time and later parachute opening time. The test for the pilot is relatively large and there is a greater possibility of accidents. For example, rope suddenly occurs during parachute opening The wind.

In fact, there are special training centers in Europe and the United States for high altitude parachute, and the trainees will get the corresponding certificates after they are qualified, while the low altitude parachute belongs to the category of high difficulty extreme sports, which has not been widely promoted, nor has the public training and related qualification certification. According to the tradition, high altitude pilots usually have to go through hundreds of high altitude parachute training before they can try low altitude parachute As far as I know, only I and Xu Kai, Zhang Shupeng and Yang Sheng are currently engaged in low-altitude wing flight in China, Sheng said

Sheng Guangqiang is a well-known figure in the field of wing flight in China.

After all, there are many mountains below. They are not familiar with the terrain, so they may be dangerous. If the wind is strong, there may be vortices among many mountains, which will also cause instability and accidents in flight.

For this reason, the reporter checked the weather on May 12, and the weather broadcast showed that the day was a breeze with little wind impact, but it was cloudy, which may mean that the visibility of the pilot in flight may be disturbed.

But only from the current information, its still hard for you to figure out the real cause of the accident. At present, everyone is more concerned about whether the pilot is still alive? When can it be found?

Wing mounted flight data

Generally, two parachutes are provided, with low possibility of falling directly to the ground

According to local villagers, on the day of the incident, a parachute was opened to fall. On this issue, Sheng Guangqiang gave a professional analysis: for high-altitude wing parachute jumping, in fact, the pilot took two parachutes (only one parachute in low altitude). In addition to the main parachute, there is another parachute. This parachute will open automatically about 300 meters from the ground, which is set in advance u3002u201d

In short, there is almost no direct landing of the lost contact because the parachute cannot be opened normally. Does this mean that the lost contact should be safe when landing? Sheng confirmed, if there were no other impact, the pilot should have been alive.

If youre in a regular parachute center or base, you can choose not to take it when its safe and secure, but if youre in a strange place or a place where you havent skipped, you should take these contact tools with you, said Sheng

As time goes on, everyone is worried about the lost pilot. As a senior professional wing mounted pilot, Sheng Guangqiang prays: I hope the search and rescue team can find her as soon as possible, and I hope she can be safe.

Female college students lost contact when flying in Zhangjiajie wing outfit scenic spot: its very difficult to search and rescue

Beijing female college students lost contact when flying in Zhangjiajie wing outfit. The scenic spot reported that the pilots did not carry mobile phones, GPS and other equipment. In addition, the continuous rainfall in recent days, the mountain is foggy, with low visibility and steep and complex terrain, which has brought great difficulties to the search and rescue work.

Female college students take part in the shooting of the missing event of Zhangjiajie wing outfit flight

Recently, a Beijing female college student lost contact in the Tianmen Mountain wing flight. On May 15, the media learned from the Emergency Management Bureau of Yongding District of Zhangjiajie that a special working group had been set up in the local area on May 12 to continue to organize personnel search and rescue. The girls friend told Nandu that the flight level of the missing girls wing outfit was at the forefront in China. Before the accident, the department took part in the shooting activity and took off from the helicopter. The cause of the missing connection is unknown. At present, the search and rescue is still in progress.