Snake swallowing elephant, pansy hole... News network uses these metaphors to scold American politicians

 Snake swallowing elephant, pansy hole... News network uses these metaphors to scold American politicians

Snake swallows elephant

On May 16, news broadcast international sharp review: American politicians who are addicted to monopoly vaccine attempt to stage snake swallows elephant.

As the U.S. election approaches, some politicians are eager to get rid of the rout caused by dereliction of duty and try to save face and win votes by monopolizing the development and application of new crown vaccines, Rui said. In addition, American politicians always value interests over justice. As long as theres a lot of money to make, whether its a national disaster or a black heart. Therefore, in the research and development of vaccines related to the safety of the whole human life, they spared no effort to perform the prank of snake swallowing the elephant. Their selfishness is unprecedented and has become the stumbling block of global anti epidemic cooperation.

The sharp review stressed that in the face of this major global public health crisis, the greed, selfishness and no bottom line displayed by some American politicians are tantamount to self blockade and self seeking shortsightedness.

Falling into the wire hole that cant be pulled out by itself

Sharp review pointed out that the epidemic warning from multiple sources has been repeatedly regarded as a sideshow, which has no scruple to suppress the scientists, determined to politicize the epidemic, confuse the public, and frame up! Behind the crazy actions of some politicians in the United States, they are worried that large-scale epidemic prevention will impact the economy and affect the election. Therefore, they make every effort to weaken the risk of the epidemic, spread rumors of throwing away the pot, shift their attention and make political gambling.

Sharp review stressed that in todays United States, political calculation and extreme self-interest have trampled on and distorted science and human nature, which has never been seen before! The dazzling mischief and mischief of American politicians has created more and more disorderly spider webs for themselves and the American people, making the epidemic prevention and control in America fall into this silk hole.

The weasel pays a new years Eve to the chicken. Its not very kind.

On May 10, news broadcast international critical comment that American politicians deliberately misinterpret Chinas May 4th spirit and have no good intentions.

Sharp review pointed out that in a speech recently, Matthew bottinger, deputy assistant to the president of the United States for national security affairs, distorted the May 4th spirit into Populism against public power, and used it as a pretext to attack Chinas development path. However, bottingers sinister intentions did not deceive the good Chinese. Contact this persons attitude towards China since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. People can see at a glance that all Mr. bottinger has done is to pay a new years Eve to the chicken by the weasel. There is no good intention!

The thief in the heart makes a mischief

On May 8, newscast broadcast the international sharp review that the American politicians who are heart thieves are treating the public as mice! u300bu3002

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