Trump will be investigated again? This time its about Secretary of state pompeio

 Trump will be investigated again? This time its about Secretary of state pompeio

US President trump fired US State Department inspector general Steve lenik on May 15 local time. The White House said trump was fired at the request of secretary of state pompeio, which raised questions from Democrats. Several members of Congress said they would launch an investigation into trump and ask the White House to provide records.

According to Reuters and other media reports, trump agreed to sack lenik after listening to pompeios suggestion. The move also raised questions and accusations from Democrats that it was illegal to retaliate for the dismissal of Nick during the investigation.

A number of Democratic congressmen said on the 16th that they would investigate the matter and asked the White House to submit all relevant records by the 22nd.

In a letter to the White House, the Democratic led House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said they firmly opposed the politically motivated dismissal of the inspector general of the State Department and the presidents sabotage of these key positions, and would submit them to Congress for investigation.

Eliot Engel, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the house of Representatives, made it clear that he had been fired during the investigation into pompeio, strongly suggesting that this was an act of unlawful retaliation.

Trump was investigated by Congress last year because of the tongumen. The intelligence committee of the house of Representatives launched an investigation on Trumps accusations that he sought help from other countries to investigate political enemies to help him run for re-election. Trump became the third president impeached by the house of representatives in American history. However, he repeatedly denied that he had any fault, calling impeachment a fraud, and finally trump was acquitted.

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