Dead pig mountain market but no meat to sell

 Dead pig mountain market but no meat to sell

u25b3 the New York Times reported that a large number of pigs were slaughtered due to the shutdown of meat processing plants.

According to the New York Times on May 14, local time, pig farmers in the Midwest of the United States recently encountered a dark moment. Millions of pigs that were supposed to be sent to processing plants for slaughter are nowhere to go because of the decline in processing plant capacity. Maybe we can wait for the factory to open before slaughtering? The answer is no, because these pigs will be too fat if they continue to be raised, which will lead to potential safety hazards in the industrial processing process. At the same time, they will occupy the living space of piglets when they are transported back to continue to be raised. According to statistics, there will be a backlog of 600000 pigs in Iowa, the largest pig breeding state in the United States, in the next six weeks.

In order to reduce the losses, many pig farmers have taken many measures to alleviate the current crisis, including increasing the temperature of pig houses to reduce the appetite of pigs, reducing feed supply and abortion for pregnant sows. However, there are pigs that can be put on the market, which is still a big problem to be solved. In this case, the farmers have to euthanize or kill the overstocked pigs by themselves, including injecting high concentration of carbon dioxide into the pig house, injecting drugs or directly shooting, and these pigs can not become pork that can be consumed without formal processing. According to CBS News on May 14 local time, JBS, the US meat processor, announced that it would open a slaughterhouse in Worthington, Minnesota, to help farmers slaughter pigs.

CBS: due to the closure of the meat processing plant, farmers will have to euthanize millions of pigs.

In addition, darling innovations Inc., based in Texas, recently received a large number of pig carcasses because it can convert animal fat into feed and fuel. According to Randall Stewart, the companys chief executive, a large amount of pork has been sent to refine in recent weeks, and the farmers who brought the pork said they wanted to make room for the next batch of garbage in the pigsty.

According to the New York Times, Iowas agriculture department, pig breeding Association and Iowa State University have jointly set up a special resource sharing center to guide farmers how to deal with a large number of pig carcasses. After all, the emergence of such a large number of abnormal slaughtered pigs in such a short period of time is also a great burden to the natural environment.

A large number of pork that cant be delivered to the consumers dining table not only causes great food waste, but also causes irreversible damage to the pig breeding industry in the United States. According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the losses of us pig farmers will be as high as 5 billion dollars this year, according to Cbs Broadcasting Inc reports. Despite the U.S. Department of agricultures urgent policy to buy $100 million a month in meat products, it appears to be a drop in the bucket.

According to Yahoo Finance, there has been a decline in the supply of meat and a rise in the price of meat in various markets in the United States. Wholesale pork prices have doubled since April, the biggest monthly increase since records began in 1998. John Tyson, chairman of Tyson Foods, said that because the U.S. meat processing capacity has declined by nearly 40% and the U.S. food supply chain has lost millions of pounds of meat products, the pig breeding in the U.S. can fully meet the national pork consumption, and the problem is that the production capacity of processing plants cannot keep up with it..

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });}) (); u25b3 vox: the closure of meat processing plants leads to a large backlog of living livestock, with unimaginable consequences. In addition, farmers can imagine the psychological trauma caused to them by watching their pigs carefully fed and raised being slaughtered by themselves, not a few, but thousands of them. According to an interview with the New York Times, a farmer said he would shoot 3000 pigs every day, and he would do it all in one day, which made him unbearable and extremely emotional. Some farmers choose to advertise on social media, sell directly or even give live pigs free of charge. According to Vox, a US news review website, on May 4, Crowne, a professor of zoology at Purdue University, said that such a large number of private slaughtering would have a lasting psychological impact on farmers. It is recommended that at least 30 meat packing workers in the United States die of the new crown confirmed number of people afraid of the emergency of beef burger! The epidemic hit us meat supply. Us meat processing industry output fell 36% year-on-year. More than 10000 workers demonstrated before the epidemic in the White House: trump wanted to protect the meat basket and the lives of the people. Source: CCTV news client editor: Li Xi_ NN2587

u25b3 vox: the closure of meat processing plants has led to a large backlog of living livestock, with unimaginable consequences.