China 5g u00b7 24 national online broadcast: 5g + smart campus makes knowledge accessible

 China 5g u00b7 24 national online broadcast: 5g + smart campus makes knowledge accessible

Online education makes the educational resources more balanced. Students can watch the learning mode of famous teachers teaching without leaving home. It breaks the restrictions of regional and famous school barriers, reduces the differences caused by educational inequality, and promotes the fair development of education.

This year, due to the epidemic situation limiting peoples pace of going out, online education has ushered in the strongest outlet under the call of non-stop classes. Data shows that the number of users and downloads of online education apps such as ape tutoring, XRS online school and spark thinking has soared this year, with the total weekly downloads reaching 170 million times. It is estimated that by 2022, the scale of online education market in China will exceed 540 billion yuan. Not only in the field of primary and secondary education, but also in the period of the epidemic, the online education data of colleges and universities in China also increased significantly. According to the data released by the Ministry of education on May 14, during the epidemic period, 1454 colleges and universities across the country had carried out online teaching, and 1.03 million teachers had opened 1.07 million courses online, a total of 12.26 million times. There are 17.75 million college students taking part in online learning, totaling 2.3 billion.

Yesterday (May 14), the Ministry of Education held a conference to introduce online education in primary and secondary schools during the epidemic, Wu Yan, director of the Department of higher education of the Ministry of education, revealed that online teaching will move from freshness to new normal after resumption of school. Wu Yan said, we can never and should not return to the state of teaching and learning before the outbreak, because the Internet plus Internet + intelligence + technology has become an important development direction of Chinas higher education and world higher education. During the epidemic, online education became the standard for most families. The construction of online education depends on the Internet platform. With the popularization of 5g technology, more Internet scenes will bring new opportunities to the application and integrated development of online education. At the same time, more fluent experience will bring better experience to online education.

5g helps offline education and teaching

In March last year, the first 5g + Intelligent Education in China was launched in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Experimental Middle School and Guangdong Unicom held the 5g u00b7 I am the campus education application in the provincial high school. This biology class for the first time demonstrated 5g + interactive teaching system and 5g + Ar / VR Teaching application, realizing the transmission of high-quality teaching resources. Some media said this marked 5g is normal in the process of education and teaching. The beginning of application. With the theme of 5g empowering education, only lighting up the campus, Shenzhen Longgang science and Technology City Foreign Language School, in conjunction with Beijing Branch venue, taught 25 students an open course of rainbows secret with 5g holographic projection technology. 5g holographic projection 1:1 reduced the proportion of real people and realized the guidance of famous teachers from different places. Wuhan Education Bureau has created 5g smart research travel project to enrich students understanding of 5g and technological development.

5g optimize campus management

In terms of education and teaching, 5g will get through education and teaching data, integrate school education resources with intelligent management mode, and facilitate school education and teaching management, such as intelligent scheduling, classroom attendance and parent interaction. At the same time, the traditional manual recording of students growth files is not only heavy workload, but also easy to produce errors. With the help of 5g intelligent teaching management platform, students growth files are automatically formed to track, and learning plans are tailored by analyzing students learning progress and test data, so as to help teachers realize personalized guidance. The first 5g kindergarten in Yunnan Province adopts the 5g + early childhood education application mode. Based on the Internet of things equipment, it guarantees the healthy growth of children from the five fields of Ai intelligent camera monitoring babys focus, height and weight big data recording babys growth, face recognition strengthening babys transfer safety, body temperature monitoring protecting baobaojiankang at all times, 5g camera focusing on babys safety in the park.

However, the development of 5g and artificial intelligence also brings many challenges to modern education. Although 5g and AI technology are used to help students to measure their body temperature and return to school as soon as possible, the intelligent classroom behavior management system has caused extensive social discussion. Although the original intention of the school is to simplify the attendance system, the system is installed every 30 seconds through the camera system Scanning, aiming at students reading, raising hands, lying on the table and other behaviors, combined with facial expressions to analyze students classroom state, is still suspected of violating students privacy and homogenizing tendency. Therefore, in the application of 5g in education and teaching, we should integrate humanized measures, take into account the particularity of students, and do not deviate from the connotation of education. Let scientific and technological innovation better serve education, firmly grasp the advantages and characteristics of 5g, and support and lead the information development of education.