Fan Bingbing takes 4 luxury bags and the total price exceeds 300000

 Fan Bingbing takes 4 luxury bags and the total price exceeds 300000

This blue crocodile leather bag of moynat, a top luxury brand from France, is officially sold at around 250000 euros. The annual production of this brands crocodile leather bag is very small. Each bag takes nearly 20 hours to complete by a senior craftsman. Ice blue should be a special customized one, and its price is also more expensive than ordinary ones.

This oblique back bag from jimmychoo has an official price of 4390 yuan. The material of crocodile pattern echoes the crocodile leather bag of moynat very well. Although the price is not so high, we can see the intention of wearing ice.

Ice and LV cooperation has been very close in the past few years. 8 out of 10 trips are LV bags. The suitcase also changed the color of the classic flower. The official price of Lvs suitcase is 22800 yuan. To be honest, its space is not durable at all. It just has appearance.

As a travel expert, Lvs suitcase is standard for star travel, but it is not practical. The official price of this large travel bag of Longchamp is 6550 yuan. It is designed with detachable shoulder belt, shoulder back or hand-held. The design is exquisite, with zipper opening and closing. It can even be folded when not in use. The design is low-key and durable.

Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian, nq0184