Bai Yansong: its a good thing to dispute or even oppose the charges of Fengchao

 Bai Yansong: its a good thing to dispute or even oppose the charges of Fengchao

A sudden epidemic makes express delivery and take away more necessary. During the relatively severe epidemic prevention period, many people stay at home, and the main activity of going out may be to get express delivery at the gate of the community. Later, it was normalized quickly, but some express delivery could not enter the community. At this time, people envied that some places had already had express cabinets, just like the old newspaper boxes.

But during this may day period, the community with this kind of express cabinet suddenly felt a new worry, because the express cabinet previously stored for free became the mode of overtime charge for limited time storage. The overtime start-up charge is fifty cents, with a ceiling of three yuan. However, many people think that it violates the spirit of the contract, and they have not discussed with themselves, so one community in Hangzhou cut off the power of the express cabinet, and more than one hundred communities in Shanghai stopped using the express cabinet, which quickly spread to many parts of the country.

Owner of rights

A number of communities including Shanghai Zhonghuan Huayuan posted notices to suspend the use of Fengchao express cabinets.

1. Move in

Before 2017, there was no third-party intervention between the owner and the courier. The owner usually replaced the delivery with personal privacy. However, among the owners, the frequent conflict between the office workers and the delivery time has always been a pending public problem in the community. When we are planning to solve the problem of temporary storage of express, Fengchao express cabinet, which is in the process of expansion, just plans to settle in.

Fengchao successfully settled in, which not only solved the problem of express temporary storage, but also made the community have a public income. At this time, between the owner and the courier, the role of the express cabinet as a third-party intervener becomes more and more obvious, which directly affects the delivery mode of the courier.

2. Quietly change

In recent years, the geometric growth of express delivery volume is the driving force for the courier to improve their income, but there is also the pressure of time loss caused by the face-to-face delivery by phone one by one. At this time, the emergence of express cabinets is the key to improve the express turnover rate.

No matter whether there is a need for temporary storage or not, many couriers pay Fengchao for 3 to 40 cents. Without informing the owners in advance, they habitually put packages into the express cabinets, so as to improve the delivery volume of packages. The revenue can be doubled. The express cabinets almost become the lazy cabinets of couriers.

This makes owners of many communities around suffer from running between their homes and express cabinets, and also makes some middle-aged and elderly people feel uncomfortable about their intelligent interaction. Thinking of the difficulty of express delivery, we all bear it.

3. Safeguarding rights

There are relevant provisions in the law that require delivery to us, forcing a consumer who does not need to use the express cabinet to have a contractual relationship with Fengchao cabinet, which belongs to the overlord clause. If consumers do not have such a right to know, we are put into the express cabinet, which actually adds an extra time. Now you charge unilaterally, there will also be an economic loss, that is, the double loss of time and economy, which will cause a very big fundamental reason for the current opinion of the big family.

He Jian wrote an open letter to Fengchao on behalf of the owner. From the aspects of enterprise operation and business process, He Jian proved that Fengchao forced the formation of contractual relationship is a robber logic, and the network became popular because of facts, restraint and meticulous reasoning. In fact, in his Jians view, say no is not a complete resistance to the charge of disapproval.

He Jian, director of Shanghai Zhonghuan Huayuan Industry Committee:

We made two appeals at that time. The first one is to post a notice and give a guide to the courier, which is to confirm that the consumer needs to put it into the express cabinet before he can put it in.

The second is to discuss the rationality of the time (charge) of the express delivery. If the user is given the option, he is willing to pay the overtime fee of 10 yuan because of his own problems.

White rock pine:

Do people need express cabinets or not? In fact, I dont think its worth discussing. Its definitely necessary, because in the fast-paced era, not every household has someone at home at all times. Its not safe to put the door, so who is responsible for losing it? Therefore, it is a good solution to set up express cabinets in the community, but the problem is how to use the express cabinets? In particular, should we charge? More important is if charge, who should pay this money? Should we negotiate and discuss the compromise in this process? Or if I have enough right of speech, I didnt discuss with you about the price increase?

Capricious Fengchao

In Hangzhou dongxinyuan District, the first one in China to resist charges, Fengchao express cabinet can no longer be used.

1. Original agreement

According to He Jian, Fengchao entered the community under the banner of free, so the community only charged a lower site fee for it. According to a 2017 contract presented by him, the annual venue fee for each express cabinet is 4700 yuan, with an average of 365 days a year and a daily fee of less than 13 yuan.

2. Expansion and loss

He Jian, director of Shanghai Zhonghuan Huayuan community industry committee:

It doesnt matter. If he loses money, he can go to his shareholders. If he says an enterprise loses money, he will collect money from consumers. This is a logic. Then I can ask a question, if he is profitable, will he pay dividends to consumers?

3. Public service or market behavior

It seems to be a common business model of Internet economy in recent years to attract users through free, expand at the same time of loss, and charge for the site immediately. Last week, through a series of equity transactions, China Post Zhidi, the second largest express cabinet industry, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fengchao network, with a market share of nearly 70%. Its hard for a Fengchao, which is the only one in the world, not to worry consumers about unilaterally charging.

Xie Xiaowen, special researcher of China Logistics Society:

After entering our public service field, with the passage of time and the development of its business, we will finally move towards a charging mode. This situation will lead to the market behavior of kidnapping our competent department and the public interest to exercise your charging, which will lead to a bad one Species development.

He Jian, director of Shanghai Zhonghuan Huayuan community industry committee:

You took this step by collecting 50 cents today, so in the future, especially after such an enterprise has achieved 70% market monopoly, it will be dominant in this track and have such dominant position in the industry, so we can easily make such a concession, which will change the ecology of such an industry for consumers. Free to a certain extent, after the market monopoly, I began to harvest, which is the most worried point.

On Wednesday, the State Post Office interviewed Fengchao technologys chief executive, asking him to improve the charging mechanism and respond to the reasonable demands of users. The China Consumer Association also pointed out that smart express box service, at the cost of consuming public resources in the community, has the property of community public service, and its charging standard should be determined by referring to the public service price management mode, rather than simply through the market mechanism.

White rock pine:

Fengchao is smart, seeing the needs of the society, so it quickly began to lay to many communities. But to do such a thing, it must not be Lei Fengs spirit playing an absolute role, but to create and wait for the profit model. Under the condition of market economy, this is also very understandable. However, there is another important criterion of market economy, that is, the spirit of contract, which should be discussed openly and transparently. Another feature of market economy is full competition and antitrust. If only the Fengchao family is doing this, its really not easy to do. Should we also encourage competition and more competitors to enter this industry , methods and solutions may come out? What would Fengchao think of this?

The future of the industry

1. Emergency adjustment

On Friday night, Fengchao issued an open letter to users, apologized for the inadequate communication and opinions between itself and users, and adjusted the user service accordingly. In addition to making it clear that the enterprise will assist the courier to get the users consent before putting the items into the cabinet, it will also extend the free storage time from the original 12 hours to 18 hours, but the charging standard has not changed.

The owners of Zhonghuan garden in Shanghai didnt seem to pay for Fengchaos six-hour free time concession. The industry committee once again launched an online vote to solicit your opinions. Although the number of votes for free time is at least 24 hours, which has always been maintained at over 80%, overtime charging seems to be imperative.

2. Prospect

During the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, the State Post Office issued three notices in February, April and May respectively, requiring all localities to define the public properties of intelligent express cabinets and express terminal comprehensive service places, and provide supporting measures such as land use and financial subsidies. Good policies, on the one hand, promote the development of express cabinet industry, on the other hand, of course, will also have an impact on the consumption habits of the public.

In 2019, the total volume of express business in China will reach 63.5 billion, which is expected to reach about 70 billion in 2020. The continuous growth of orders means that express companies must also improve efficiency and workload. The development of express cabinet enterprises may be an indispensable link, which is also the fundamental reason for the competent departments to promote the development of the industry.

3. Inspiration from Fengchao

Xie Xiaowen, special researcher of China Logistics Society:

On the one hand, we should give them some support in terms of policy resources, taxes, etc. for enterprises with public service nature; on the other hand, we cant let them form a kind of lazy thought, that is, once I occupy my public resources, I will charge for it by sitting on the ground, which will not work, and it will force you to develop with high quality to explore new business models.

Also on Friday, the rookie post station, which is also engaged in the intelligent express cabinet business, promised to the outside world that it will not charge consumers, and will keep it for free no matter how long it is stored. This policy remains unchanged. Perhaps, Fengchao, which charges for its huge losses, should also think about why there are peers who are not afraid of losses?

Xie Xiaowen, special researcher of China Logistics Society:

White rock pine:

During this period of time, the debate and even opposition to Fengchaos charging is actually a great good thing. It is this amplified voice and enlarged attention that makes many people start to think about the feasibility space and next step of this mode, and also makes the governments management department and market main body start to think about what to do? Do you want to enter this business? And consumers are afraid that they will pay a certain fee when they get convenience. So this period of time is an open discussion, negotiation and game. Maybe this is a new starting point. The era of the development of express cabinets is coming.

(function(){(window.slotbydup=window.slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_5811557,async:true});})(); Extend reading of Fengchaos apology and adjust service: the free storage time is extended to 18 hours, and the State Post Office interviews with Fengchaos person in charge: it is required to properly handle the disputes during the storage period and resolve the Fengchao storm. Nanjing property company has built its own express cabinets in more than 70 communities. Source: CCTV news client responsibility editor: Zhang tianqi