500 days! Little rabbit and Change have been on the back of the moon for 500 days!

 500 days! Little rabbit and Change have been on the back of the moon for 500 days!

500 fruitful days!

What achievements have change-4 lander and yutu-2 lunar rover made in these 500 days? Lets have a look!

The total mileage of yutu-2 lunar rover is 447.68 meters, 292 meters away from the lander. During this period, scientific exploration tests such as rock exploration, rutting exploration and impact crater exploration were carried out.

Based on the data of lunar radar in place, the geological stratification structure within 40 meters underground of the landing area on the back of the moon is revealed for the first time, and its material composition and evolution mechanism are described.

? the material composition of the back of the moon was successfully revealed by using the in situ spectral data of the infrared imaging spectrometer, which confirmed that the moon mantle is rich in olivine and deepened the understanding of the formation and evolution of the moon.

The flux spectrum of energy neutral particles on the surface of the moon is obtained by using the data of neutral atom detector, which proves that the energy of energy neutral particles has a strong correlation with the speed of incident solar wind.

In situ detection for important tasks!

During the day of this month, change-4 lander and yutu-2 lunar rover have an important mission! In order to meet the requirements of the first Mars exploration mission, the ground communication and measurement and control facilities need to be adapted. So although the rabbit no longer continues to March, but the task is still not less Oh!

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