Central bank: overall arrangement to improve the risk prevention and control level of payment industry

 Central bank: overall arrangement to improve the risk prevention and control level of payment industry

Joint defense and joint control, giving full play to the effect of police bank linkage mechanism

The above case is the epitome of the cooperation between the police and the Bank of Shandong Province to build the prevention and control mechanism of telecommunication network fraud and cross-border gambling. In recent years, Jinan Branch of the peoples Bank of China, in close cooperation with Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, has sent personnel to the anti fraud center of Shandong Province, innovated and implemented the mechanism of pushing suspicious account clues, implemented the account reverse check involved in the case, and precisely cracked down on the behavior of buying and selling enterprise accounts.

Enable data to help fight against fraud and gambling

In recent years, Guangzhou Branch of the peoples Bank of China has actively used multi department government data resources to continuously improve and enrich the toolbox of enterprise bank account risk monitoring, early warning and supervision. It has built a Guangdong enterprise bank settlement account filing management system, and shared government data information such as multi type enterprise industrial and commercial registration information with Guangdong market supervision and Administration Bureau and other government departments. At the same time, combined with the case characteristics of bank account risk and the case characteristics of public security organs feedback, a number of risk monitoring models are established to give early warning to the Bank of account information abnormalities in a timely manner, and to ensure the entrance of bank account monitoring from the source. In addition, Guangzhou Branch of the peoples Bank of China guides all banking institutions to integrate daily risk monitoring system and big data resources, establish telecommunication network fraud and cross-border gambling suspicious transaction monitoring model, through intelligent analysis of suspicious transaction characteristics of various accounts, control each link of account capital transaction, and improve the precision of attack and governance.

Check risks and help win one hundred day battle

(stolen goods collected by Hangzhou police)

Technical sword to cut off the channel of blood transfusion funds of criminal gangs

From November 14 to 15, 2019, the national command for combating telecommunication network fraud at the border between China and Myanmar launched the first centralized arrest operation against the backpacker suspects who transported the stolen money out of the country to the telecommunication network fraud and cross-border gambling groups in northern Myanmar, capturing 409 backpacker suspects, severely cracking down on the hustle and bustle of criminals Zhang Qiyan.

Yunnan Province is one of the main battlefields to crack down on telecom network fraud in northern Myanmar and one of the frontier positions to crack down on cross-border gambling crime. Kunming Zhongzhi branch of the peoples Bank of China analyzes and judges the situation that illegal elements use Backpackers to withdraw a large amount of money through ATM to transfer money involved in fraud and gambling, promotes the loading of biometric technology in ATM, strictly controls the amount of money, and moves forward the gateway to prevent new illegal crimes in telecommunication network and cross-border gambling crimes. As of May 12, 2020, 1694 self-service teller machines in Puer City, Dehong Prefecture, Lincang City and Xishuangbanna have realized the function of face recognition and withdrawal, and 1816000 self-service teller machine face recognition and withdrawal businesses have been completed in the above areas.