Lv Zheng announced his retirement: the general manager of beiti university still clapped the table for 5 months

 Lv Zheng announced his retirement: the general manager of beiti university still clapped the table for 5 months

Personal statement (I)

The conversation was in sun Zhedongs office of beiti University. Instead of facing up to the fact that he was in arrears with his salary, he repeatedly shouted at me for slapping the table. In the big north sports team, he is the only one in charge. He has the power of life and death of all players. In that conversation, he questioned my appearance time in 2019 season: last season, I played four times in a teams official games for more than 200 minutes. In this extremely limited time, I still scored five goals for the team; however, sun Zhedong stressed that there were other players who played more than 20 games, on the basis of which the data was higher than me, so as to deny my achievements and abilities. Its something I cant stand, he said, what do we evaluate an athlete to see? Just watch the playing time instead of goals, you score five goals in more than 200 minutes, you are very poor, your data is very poor.. In my spare time, I would listen to the recording of the conversation. These words echoed in my ears like magic spells for several months, which aroused my anger countless times.

When he said this, where would he put the goal efficiency of an attacking player? On the other hand, this fully exposed his blindness as a general manager of the club who did not understand the ball. The more irony of reality is that in the north body club, is the playing time decided by the coachs status and ability according to the players? Or is Sun Zhedong has the final say? Because he talked to me in a very rude voice, I am the general manager, I can not let you play, and I can not do you. In other words, he is indirectly admitting that he has the right to decide whether a player will play or not based on his personal preferences, but he also evaluates the player by playing time, and deduct the players salary by not playing time. This logic seems to be very contradictory. Then the reason why I train hard and rarely play is clear. I think its extremely sad for a professional club... Even more sad for an athlete, because the fate of your football can be determined by the people who dont participate in the training in the cold winter, the hot wind and the rain, so how can they weigh all these things for a family who has worked hard to train their children to play football.

When I come to the end of my career, I treasure the time I have left more than once - in order to live up to the reputation I have accumulated in the football circle over the past decade, and to be able to live up to every real gold and silver that my employer has paid for me. I know that players of this age have to pay twice as much as others to maintain better physical function. Before each training, I always practice one hour in advance in the strength room. After training, I go to the strength room to strengthen my strength; They have witnessed all the glory and regret in my career. They once gave me the name of fast horse and made me silent in many nights wasted by injuries. Now, they are as old as I am, which is irreversible, but I asked myself to make every effort to let them not have a relapse and delay their own game. Thankfully, I havent suffered a lot of injuries in the past 2019 season. I still scored five goals in the only 200 minutes of the official match. I believe that I have shown the attitude and strength that a professional player should have. I am sorry and angry that for sun Zhedong, these are not in his standard of considering a player.

While totally denying my value as a player, he also spoke to me while patting the table, which insulted my self-esteem and threatened to be calm and unable to talk, and go to court. If I am still a young player, then I may choose silence and compromise later. But I am now a retired player, and I have no violations in the team, so there is no reason to swallow. What I think is that there are so many children with football dreams behind me, and our country attaches so much importance to football. If everyone at the top of the club is as unreasonable as sun Zhedong, it will be extremely harmful to the healthy development of football.

I feel very sorry at the moment. Although I am 35 years old this year, according to my current physical condition, I had hope to contribute to Chinese football for another two years. Well, Im currently in contact with foreign countries to study at my own expense. If all goes well, I may be able to do so in the past. I think, as long as I have this heart, I can do my best for Chinese football when I come back from school.

At the time when I may have to say goodbye to my career, looking back, I can look up to heaven and earth and be worthy of my heart. And you, Mr. Sun Zhedong, can you say that you have no shame at all?