Us refers to Russias actions in the Arctic beyond the framework of territorial defense Russia: Border Protection

 Us refers to Russias actions in the Arctic beyond the framework of territorial defense Russia: Border Protection

The Pentagon should play its part and part of the task is to respond to Russias enhanced presence in the Arctic, Murphy said at a news conference.

He said he referred to Russias formation of a new Arctic command and new forces to repair the old infrastructure, ports and airports left by World War II, as well as new infrastructure. Russia announced the deployment of the S-400 missile system in the Kola Peninsula, this expansion of military capabilities goes beyond the framework of territorial defense..

As for the statement of the United States, Franz klinzvich, member of the defense and Security Committee of the Russian Federal Commission, told Russian satellite news agency that Russias plan in the Arctic is commensurate with the need to ensure the security of the countrys northern border.

Our country is the main driver of the strengthening of the US military, klinzvich said He stressed that in the Arctic, there have been radar stations for about eight years. Given the trajectory of the ballistic missile, if it was launched through the Arctic, it would be the least vulnerable.

In this regard, Russia has taken all possible threats into account and has implemented a plan to ensure the security of the northern border, klinzvich added. At the same time, he pointed out that not only the S-400, but also the S-300 has shown high effectiveness, and Russia has begun to test the S-500 air defense missile system.

According to reports, in addition, at the beginning of 2020, special ambassador of the Russian Ministry of foreign affairs and representative of Russia to the Arctic Council koltnov said that Russia was worried about NATOs activities in the Arctic region, especially those of non Arctic countries, which was extremely worrying.

At the end of December 2019, the commander of Russias Northern Fleet, lieutenant general moyseyev, said that the number of NATO military exercises and reconnaissance in the Arctic region increased significantly.

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