Trump: we are developing a 17 times sonic super missile, faster than China and Russia

 Trump: we are developing a 17 times sonic super missile, faster than China and Russia

Trump shows the flag of the U.S. space force from AFP

According to US media reports such as ABC and Fox News, trump held a ceremony at the Oval Office of the White House on the 15th local time to unveil the flag of the US space force, which is also the first time the US military has displayed a new service flag in 72 years.

Space will be the future, both in defence and attack, and in many other ways, trump said From the reports I have heard and seen, we have become leaders in space, he said proudly. It may not be enough to boast only once, but trump later tweeted that he would be proud to display the space army flag in the White House.

Screenshot of trump twitter

In addition to displaying the flag of the space force, trump also referred to the incredible military equipment being developed by the United States, a super missiles.

Ive been told that [this project] is 17 times faster than the existing missiles of the U.S. Army. You heard before that Russia has missiles that are 5 times faster than the speed of sound, China is developing missiles that are 5 to 6 times faster than the speed of sound, we have missile projects that are 17 times faster than the speed of sound, and they have just been approved, trump said

Jonathan rath Hoffman, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of defense, later tweeted that the U.S. military was indeed developing a series of hypersonic missiles to counter our adversaries.. But he didnt say whether there were any super missiles that trump said could reach 17 times the speed of sound.

Jonathan twitter screenshot

At present, Trumps 17 times sonic super missile is still unknown, but the hypersonic program recently launched by the U.S. military: general hypersonic glider concept verification bomb only achieves 5 times of the speed of sound, far from Trumps claim of 17 times of sound.

General hypersonic glider concept verification missile test map from the U.S. Navy

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