The U.S. ambassador suggested that the nuclear bomb in Germany be transferred to Poland, Russian media warned

 The U.S. ambassador suggested that the nuclear bomb in Germany be transferred to Poland, Russian media warned

According to todays Russia (RT) report, George Mosbach, the US ambassador to Poland, made the comments in a statement the day before, commenting on Rick grenell, the US acting intelligence director and ambassador to Germany.

According to Deutsche Welle, Germanys Le Monde published an article by Greiner on the 14th, in which he criticized the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) for its support of nuclear disarmament. Greiner warns that just because the cold war is over does not mean that Europes security will not be threatened.

Greiner said that if Germany wants to become a peaceful power, then Germany should now fulfill its commitment to its allies and continue to participate in NATOs nuclear strategy, rather than weaken the unity that forms the basis of NATOs nuclear deterrent force.

According to the voice of Germany, Rolf m u00fc tzenich, chairman of the parliamentary group of the German Social Democratic Party, recently proposed that the US should end the deployment of nuclear weapons in Germany on the basis of the unpredictability of US President trump. This idea was supported by some senior members of the SPD.

According to RT report, in response to Greiners statement, US ambassador to Poland Mosbach said on twitter on the 15th: if Germany wants to reduce nuclear power and weaken NATO, Poland may take over these nuclear weapons. Poland paid its share, understood its risks, and was on the east wing of NATO.

According to RT report analysis, Mosbachs satire may be just to support grenells view, but her comments reflect Polands desire to redeploy nuclear weapons, although neither grenell nor Mosbach represents Polish officials.

RT reports that a few people have warned about Mosbachs idea, such as Scott Ritter, a US Marine Corps and UN weapons inspector, who said Mosbach has no sense of history and called his idea one of the stupidest ideas in the world.

As early as 2015, it was reported that the Polish military had discussed the possibility of deploying NATO nuclear weapons in Poland, but the Polish Ministry of defense quickly denied that. RT commented that if the United States transfers nuclear weapons to Poland, the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 will be repeated.

It is not clear whether Mosbachs idea is the official position of the State Department, but it is not entirely inconsistent with the trump administrations desire to establish a permanent base in Poland, the report said. In September 2018, when President doda of Poland visited the United States, he proposed that Poland is willing to provide about $2 billion for the construction of a permanent military base in Poland by the United States, named trumpburg. Trump said he would seriously consider Polands proposal.

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