Forbes: the loss of American sports is more than 5 billion. If the season is cancelled, it will be more than 10 billion

 Forbes: the loss of American sports is more than 5 billion. If the season is cancelled, it will be more than 10 billion

The United States is the number one sports power in the world, and its sports industry is quite developed. Be in full swing of novel coronavirus pneumonia in March and April, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought North American sports to the braking age. All kinds of sports industry cut off the heartache and the real gold and silver are flowing away.

In the past two months, due to the suspension and cancellation of events caused by the epidemic, the loss of major professional sports leagues in the United States has exceeded $5 billion, including about $2 billion for professional baseball, about $1.2 billion for professional basketball, and about $1.2 billion for NCAA series events including basketball crazy March One billion, compared with nearly $1 billion lost in the professional hockey league, major league soccer and NASCAR races.

Forbes said the statistics are only for the past two months. If the sports game cannot be resumed in June, the loss will continue to increase, and if the whole season is cancelled, the loss will exceed 10 billion dollars. In addition, the professional events of various categories and events in the United States are not included in the statistics. There are many such events in the United States, and the losses are also huge after being cancelled.

In the case of USB, the revenue of USB last season was about 8.8 billion US dollars, more than half of which came from various media copyright revenue, and the more valuable the broadcasting rights were in the playoffs. According to the original plan of this season, may is exactly the time when the NBA playoffs are in full swing. Sports experts believe that if the professional basketball team can restart and at least finish the playoffs this season, it can also stop losses to a certain extent. For the North American professional hockey league, the same is true. It depends on the epidemic situation.

Although the outbreak is rare in history, the situation of event suspension is not rare in North America. In the past 25 years, the United States Professional Basketball League and the North American professional ice hockey league have been suspended five times. The United States Professional Basketball League also had similar suspension experience in the 1990s, so the event organizers, media broadcasters and sponsors at all levels have rich experience in coping with the crisis. At the time of signing the agreement earlier, the parties will have relevant provisions to stipulate how to deal with the extreme situation, and the handling methods are also varied. The simplest way is that if the event is cancelled, the media broadcaster can automatically obtain the rights and interests of future sessions. For example, the TV station gets the opportunity to take a charter flight with the team to shoot a feature film, or presents a box and ticket to the sponsor.

American sports industry expert Sutton said: no one is willing to spit out the money that you earn in your pocket. Of course, you will find a way to compensate each other, which is better to be very attractive.

The suspension of the event is like the overthrow of the domino. The various consumer industries around the event are also affected, and the loss is incalculable. Take last years major league of Professional Football Draft event as an example. Last years draft conference was held in Nashville. According to media reports, the draft conference attracted a record 600000 people to Nashville, bringing direct and indirect profits of more than 200 million dollars to various local industries. This years draft conference was held in Las Vegas at the end of April, but unfortunately, because of the epidemic, it has become an online draft, and it cant pull any economic benefits.

For the management and players of the league and all teams, its tears to say more and watch the salary decrease. According to statistics, if this season is completely cancelled, the U.S. professional basketball players will lose about $850 million in salary, and the Jinzhou warriors star library will lose about $8 million alone. At present, the possibility of a full season is shrinking. In order to avoid the impact of the epidemic, President Goodall of the major league of rugby voluntarily receives zero salary in the new season, and the salary of other staff will be reduced to different degrees according to the level, including 5% for ordinary employees and more than 10% for executives. Previously, media reported that Goodalls salary and bonus totaled more than 30 million dollars a year. In addition, major leagues and many teams have also had negative news of forced holidays and even layoffs.

In fact, the impact of the epidemic on the sports industry is very large. No tournament also means that a large number of stadium staff lost their jobs. According to media reports, many of the stadiums unemployed are not even saving enough for a week. Some media workers also face the fate of forced holidays, shrinking money and even unemployment. In addition, in March, the turnover of the sports gambling industry in the United States decreased by 80% compared with the same period last year. With the contraction of various industries, local government departments will also lose the corresponding taxes, which is really a win-win situation and a loss situation.

The only way to stop the loss is to resume as soon as possible. As the sports industry is an important part of the U.S. economy, President trump has repeatedly said that sports events should be restored as soon as possible, so that fans can return to the stadium. The reason is also that he hopes that sports events can boost GDP.

Since the suspension for two months, major professional sports leagues have been actively discussing the return to work plan, but the epidemic situation in the United States is still at a high level, showing no signs of improvement. Just like the rest of the U.S. industry, the sports industry needs to choose between saving the economy and saving the epidemic.

In addition to the recovery of very few events, large-scale leagues, such as American professional basketball and American Football League, are still at the level of allowing athletes to resume their personal training. Although there are different opinions on the return to work program in summer, there are still many practical difficulties in the operational level, such as large-scale virus detection can not be achieved. As Zhong Nanshan of the United States and fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases of the United States, put it, there is no guarantee of safety. Why is it urgent to return to work?

The U.S. professional basketball team called the epidemic the biggest challenge facing this generation of sports people. A whole sports industry chain has been hit hard because of it. Even if we return to work this year, it may take many years to recover.

Is there no choice but to let the flowers fall, or another village with a bright future, the sports industry will die this time.

Source: Xinhua news agency, editor in charge: Lu Ting, ns5242