Share price doubled in 8 trading days! Who is speculating the stock price of axis research technology?

 Share price doubled in 8 trading days! Who is speculating the stock price of axis research technology?

According to the public information, the main business of Axel research and technology: research, development, production and sales of bearings and bearing units, abrasives, abrasives, superhard materials and products, optical mechanical and electrical integration products, mechanical equipment, instruments and meters, auto motorcycle parts and other products.

It is worth noting that on February 26, axis research technology publicly stated on the online interactive platform that its subsidiaries are doing semiconductor business and have small batch supply to the subsidiaries of SMIC. However, at that time, the stock price of axan research technology did not change. Why did its share price soar in May? In this way, investors are a little confused and surprised!

Abnormal growth is concerned by regulators

The abnormal trend of the stock price of axis research technology in recent days has attracted the high attention of the regulatory authorities. In addition to the inquiry letter, Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that it has continued to focus on the monitoring of axis research technology and taken timely regulatory measures.

Source: Official Website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On May 15, axis research technology rose 10.04% to close at 11.95 yuan, which is the eighth consecutive limit board pulled out by axis research technology since May 6, and its share price has doubled at the beginning of the month.

According to the securities times, in this round of rising market, the phenomenon of hot money game is obvious, the turnover rate and amplitude are gradually rising. On May 15, after the opening of axan research, the decline was once up to 4 percentage points, but in the afternoon, it started a strong pull-up mode, and within half an hour, it closed up and stopped. The turnover rate was 19.62%, the amplitude was 15.93%, the latter reached a new high in recent days. According to the data, the seats on the dragon and tiger list in recent years are all hot money seats, including some well-known hot money seats. On May 15, the star business department Dongfang wealth (the second securities business department of Tuanjie Road, Lhasa securities) was listed again, ranking No. 5 in the list, with the purchase amount of RMB 7015800. Huaxin Securities Shanghai branch and business department of Zhebei financial center, Huzhou labor Road, Huaxin securities have been listed on the list for three times, among which the accumulated purchase and sale amounts of Huzhou labor Road, Zhebei Business Department of Huaxin securities are far ahead, with 46.1138 million yuan and 50.5823 million yuan respectively.

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Daily economic news synthesis (Securities Times, stock bar, axan science and technology announcement, Shenzhen Stock Exchange) source: responsible editor of daily economic news: Wang Xiaowu Gu NF

Daily economic news synthesis (Securities Times, stock bar, axis research technology announcement, Shenzhen Stock Exchange)