Too dramatic! Before the huge amount of lifting the ban, the number of hot concept stocks rose unexpectedly

 Too dramatic! Before the huge amount of lifting the ban, the number of hot concept stocks rose unexpectedly

List of shares with the proportion of lifting the ban exceeding 50%

Baofeng energy has the highest market value of lifting the ban. Next week, 1.261 billion shares of Baofeng energy will be listed and circulated, mainly for the limited sale and circulation of shares before issuance. The market value of lifting the ban is up to 11.7 billion yuan, which is the largest wave of lifting the ban since its listing. Baofeng energy, which is mainly engaged in the production and sales of modern coal chemical products, landed on the main board of Shanghai in May last year. It has been a full year so far and is the largest stock in Ningxia.

On Friday night, Baofeng energy had a dramatic scene. Baofeng energys controlling shareholder originally planned to increase the companys shares within 6 months from November 18, 2019. However, in the implementation of the operation of increasing the companys shares, due to the operational error of the staff, the buy misoperation was regarded as sell, and 42100 shares of the company were wrongly sold, with an average selling price of 9.28 yuan / share. On the same day, Baofeng group purchased 8.4367 million shares of the company, with an average transaction price of 9.253 yuan / share. The short-term transaction caused by the misoperation earned an income of 1136 yuan, which belongs to the company according to the regulations.

The market values of zjyt and Yiwei lithium energy are 7.968 billion yuan and 7.617 billion yuan respectively. The shares of zjyt are restricted for sale and circulation before issuance, and the shares have just been listed for one year, while Yiwei lithium energy shares are listed as additional A-share corporate placement. China Construction Huanneng, xinlaiyingcai, luyitong, Wolong Electric Drive, Keshun Co., Ltd. and mengbaihe have less pressure to lift the ban, and the market value of lifting the ban is less than 100 million yuan. The market value of cecep is the lowest, only 6.35 million yuan. There will be 1.42 million shares listed next week, mainly restricted by equity incentive.

Due to the different market value of each stock, the market value of lifting the ban can not fully reflect the size of the impact of lifting the ban. For example, Baofeng Energy Co., Ltd. ranks first in terms of the market value of the shares, but its shares accounted for only 17.19% of the total share capital. According to the data, from the perspective of the proportion of shares to be lifted, the number of shares to be lifted accounts for more than 50% of the total share capital, which are Qinan shares, Zhongjian technology, redik, Zhanpeng technology and zenith software.

Qinan shares has the highest proportion of lifting the ban. Next week, 288 million shares will be listed and circulated. The proportion of lifting the ban shares to the total share capital is 65.63%. The company went public in 2017, which has been nearly three years. 15 shares accounted for less than 1% of the total share capital, including TCL technology, Wolong Electric Drive, Keshun shares, Jianyou shares, industrial Fulian, etc.

The stock price of Quanfeng auto soared on the eve of lifting the ban

On the eve of the large-scale lifting of the ban, which stocks changed? According to the data, the average increase of stocks facing the lifting of the ban next week since May is 2.79% , outperformed the Shanghai index. Five stocks, including Quanfeng automobile, zhidu stock, Zhongjian technology, xinlaiyingcai and TCL technology, increased by more than 10%.

19 shares have fallen since May, but the overall decline is not obvious. Lanzhou minbai, * ST Yonglin, Hewang electric, industrial Fulian, CSCEC Huanneng and other cumulative declines rank first. The biggest drop was Lanzhou minbai, which fell 12.61% in total during the period. Next week, 329 million shares will be listed and circulated, with the market value of 1.595 billion yuan.

In terms of performance, the first quarter was impacted by the epidemic, and most of the stock performance declined. Among the shares facing the lifting of the ban, the net profit of 13 shares in the first quarter was in the state of loss. IFLYTEK lost the most money. The company said that the new crown epidemic largely delayed the implementation, delivery, acceptance and other related work of the companys first quarter project, thus affecting the progress of revenue realization. The net profit of the first quarter was RMB 131 million. It is expected that the companys operation will achieve year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2020, and the operation of the whole year will continue to maintain a good momentum of growth. There are also zhidu shares, special information, Lingnan holdings, Yibin Paper, etc. with large losses.

The first quarter performance of a few stocks rose against the market, such as Yueyang Linzhi, Yingwei, Jiuzhou Tong, guangyunda, Zhongmu, etc. In the first quarter, the paper product market of Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd. improved and the sales price increased compared with the same period of last year. Meanwhile, the price of main raw materials decreased and the product cost decreased compared with the same period of last year. In the first quarter, the company realized a profit of 87 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 368.9%.

Source: Dabao editor in charge: Guo Chenqi, nbj9931