The US puts extreme pressure on Huaweis foreign ministry to respond

 The US puts extreme pressure on Huaweis foreign ministry to respond

However, the U.S. crackdown on Huawei has had little effect, but it has led to the Americanization of China and other countries around the world in the industrial chain. In the end, the only way to find a substitute for the U.S. in the industrial chain is to lift a stone and smash its own foot.

Reuters asked Chinas foreign ministry whether China would take retaliatory measures against the United States on this issue, according to China will resolutely defend the legitimate rights of its enterprises and the United States must stop unreasonable suppression of Huawei and other Chinese companies, the foreign ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

After the news was disclosed on the evening of the 15th, a Chinese source told the global times that if the US finally implemented the above plan, China would fight back strongly, or involve Qualcomm, Cisco, apple, Boeing and other US enterprises.

16, HUAWEI made a picture in the official account of the community of voices and micro-blog, in order to say: there is no scarred skin. Where is the rough skin, the hero has been grinding many times since ancient times. Looking back, its bumpy; looking forward, it never gives up. Moreover, many of Huaweis employees are enthusiastic, leaving messages without money to help the company survive.

Historically, the country has been changing from a small country to a large country in the process of stumbling, and the company has grown up in one small crisis cycle after another. Any company or even country has the characteristics of life body, that is, through stimulation and pressure, recovery will become stronger and bigger, which is the anti fragile ability. Just as the wind can extinguish the candle, it can also make the fire burn more and more.

Huawei has become more indestructible in the face of round after round of strangulation! In the face of this new era of great changes, the domestic semiconductor industry also has only Huashan one way, that is to expand allies and strive for self-improvement within. I believe that the voice of the semiconductor industry in China, as the book of songs, Qinfeng and Wuyi said, is it called Wuyi? It is the same as the son. Wang Yu Xingshi, repair my spear. The same enemy with the son! Do you mean no clothes? With the son. Wang Yu built my spear and halberd. With my son!

Source: Liu Fei, editor in charge of jiwei.com_ NBJS10390