After receiving the students manual paper, the tutor gave a soul reply overnight

 After receiving the students manual paper, the tutor gave a soul reply overnight

Source: Academic Journal

Xiao Wang:

See the words as the face.

Near the defense, finally received your graduation thesis, I always hung a heart finally put down.

Two months ago, my biggest wish was that you could write an excellent graduation thesis; one month ago, my biggest wish was that you could hand in the first draft smoothly; now, my biggest wish is that you and another classmate who has not heard from you are safe.

Because, after reading some news that students cant think of because of the paper, I suddenly enlightened. The paper or something may not be as important as I think, youll be safe. It is said that there are 365 sunrises in a year. I send you 365 blessings

May the auspicious light always surround you like the rising sun.

Before several messages to urge progress, but never get your reply.

Its a bit of a rush to finish reading an undergraduate thesis in one day. Whats more, I have two online classes to show two graduate students the final draft of graduation thesis, complete a final report, and respond to the unexpected greetings of 13 other undergraduate graduates.

This is a kind of sourness that only university teachers can realize.

So the stronger the wind, the more my heart swings.


I had to get up and finish my paper.

If you have to ask me how I feel after reading the paper, I can only say:

Alas, after the whole spring, sadness is not better.


Although my mind is full of the basic principle of praise first, forgive me for not coming up with any lyrics to praise you at present.

There are too many problems in other students papers. I dont know where to start, but the problem in your paper is that there is no problem. Its a mess. It makes me feel a bit confused. It seems that I saw my own teaching materials for the evaluation of professional titles many years ago.

I quickly took a few pieces of Hawthorn pills to crush me. By the way, I read the instructions on the packing box. Suddenly, I realized again that what we wrote was a little different. The essence of my textbook is repeater, and the essence of your paper is instruction.


I cant blame you till now, but I cant resist fate.

I regret that I didnt cross the sea to find you and stare at you to finish my thesis, so now I can only embarrass myself.

So from yesterday to today, I comforted myself and found a reason for your manual to redeem myself.

First of all, I found a question for your 10000 word instruction manual, so that the judge teacher will know what it is about. I hope you can think about this problem in a short time and add some materials around it.

The other students have changed the second draft and the third draft. You just want to pass the defense after you finish the first draft. I cant accept Yu Qingyu. Fortunately, I have been doing psychotherapy recently. Although I am not going to let you go, I can finally let myself go.

Secondly, I have added some references to your manual in addition to the Xinhua dictionary. Although I have always reminded myself of the boundaries between undergraduate and graduate students. But as a teacher, his research obsessive-compulsive disorder was committed, so he followed the literature until 3 a.m.

The first step is for graduate students, and the second step is for undergraduates. Once I start to work, I want to stubbornly finish a thesis.

Again, Ive corrected all the sentences in your manual. I hope you can change the format as required. In particular, I hope you can change the 348 ellipsis to comma.

At last, I wrote a comment for you with the strength of Hong Huang, so that other teachers will know that you are writing papers, not donkeys or other things.

At the same time, as a singer delayed by scientific research, I also used a song to comfort myself:

If this is not love, I have no good sorrow.

Lao Wang