Yang Mis private photos spread all over the network, exposing the greatest evil of human nature!

 Yang Mis private photos spread all over the network, exposing the greatest evil of human nature!

As the king of carrying goods, Yang Mis beautiful photos are often searched, which is not surprising.

Every picture looks very beautiful and romantic. I have to boast that my beauty is really OK in any style. I want to put every picture in my cell phone for private storage.

But the moral behind the photos is thought-provoking.

Some express that glaciers are melting faster, some are killing animals, and some are polluting the environment

These seemingly remote ecosystems are closely related to our lives.

Greenhouse effect, global temperature rise, and glacier is the fastest response to global climate change.

Some time ago, Weibo hot search said that the past five years have been the hottest in the world.

Over the past few years, glaciers around the world have been melting at an unimaginable rate. The once spectacular icebergs are now collapsing almost every day.

As a result, the home of animals in the north and south poles has been shrinking.

The amount of Arctic sea ice has decreased by nearly half in the past 40 years.

For the past 20 years, Greenland, once known as the earths air conditioner, has been losing ice at an increasing rate.

In just 20 minutes, 75 million tons of ice cracked.

Scientists have completed the attribution study of 190 extreme weather events in the world from 2004 to 2018, two-thirds of which are likely to be attributed to human activities, resulting in global warming.

What kind of disaster will global warming bring?

Many animals have lost their lives.


Last year, the environmental variety show little pursuit of the ball went to the Arctic.

According to the requirements of the program, they can only use one backpack, and they can bring less necessities.

The captain of the team, who has been at the north pole for 37 years, said the number of polar bears has decreased at a rate visible to the naked eye since 1965.

Global warming is a big reason, which makes polar bears, who are used to living on ice floes, lose their thick ice and are hard to hunt for food.

When polar bears hunt in the water, they usually need to rest on the ice floes, but the disappeared ice floes make them afraid to hunt in the water.

They can only migrate long distances to human villages for food.

The cute polar bear becomes skinny and has to rummage for food in the garbage can of human beings.

Even many starved to death on the way to find food.

Walruses living in glaciers have not been spared.

They live in less and less territory. A large area of walruses are gathered on the coast. They are facing the surging sea and dont know where to go.

They dont have the food they deserve on shore, and they cant find ice floes in the water.

In desperation, they choose to end their lives by jumping off a cliff.

The scene of jumping down is not only the sorrow of walrus, but also the sorrow of all mankind.

In Antarctica, our impression of penguins is like this.

In the white flawless ice exultation jump, in the water free pursuit.

In Brazil, a large number of penguins were starved to death.

BBC went to Antarctica to shoot, was shocked by the high temperature there, saw the penguins on the shore, the staff collapsed and cried.


I really agree with what Zhou Dongyu said in the program:

Human beings are just visitors. We should bring our own respect and the most binding force to think about how to make the environment better here.

Besides the ocean, the land environment of animals is also facing disasters.

It is an environmental protection variety show human animal with Park Xinhui participating in Jin Yubins dubbing.

I think I like animals and have no sense of resistance, but does that really mean I like or love animals?

Yeah, do we really like animals?

The exquisite bags made of animal leather, or other high-grade decorations, are still in circulation in the market. People buy them at a high price. When they get them, they cant let them go and even show them off.

Does this mean that we love animals?

She covered her face and cried. She couldnt bear to look at it more.

Because of this elephant, it has no face.

In order to completely capture the elephants ivory, the whole face of the elephant will be cut off and taken away.

The worthless elephant, even alive, slowly tortured to death in unimaginable pain.

Ivory was blocked from circulation by the international community in 2017, but there are still many lawbreakers who take risks for their interests.

There is no consumption chain without buying and selling, and it has not been successfully destroyed.

Because the ornaments made of ivory are exquisite, but because of scarcity, the price rises.

Besides being hunted, there are also those who are thirsty to death.


In 2009, a documentary named Dolphin Bay came out, winning the 82nd Academy Award for best documentary feature film.

The location is a small fishing village in Japan.

This quiet fishing village has a brutal massacre every year.

Thousands of dolphins were driven ashore and slaughtered.

But the hunters are infatuated with the fun of hunting.

We have never been ashamed of killing dolphins, and we will never stop thinking about it, which is the most important part of our local tradition. Look around. If we cant make a living from the sea, we will have nothing. People always say, lets stop whaling and find another way to make a living, but what can we do?

Pinxiang dolphins are sold to aquariums and water parks around the world; the rest are slaughtered and made into dolphin meat.

In the aquarium, the dolphins smile is probably the cruelest lie.

Is this the way humans love animals?!

But if people do not protect animals, do not protect the environment of animals, finally, human beings will lose themselves, lose their own homes.

Engels said:

We should not be too intoxicated with the victory of human beings over nature. For every such victory, nature will retaliate against us.

It is human beings who need nature, not nature who need human beings.

To protect the environment, we should start from the small things around us, to protect animals, and not enough to buy animal related consumer goods.