The world of poetry, hope is always more than disappointment

 The world of poetry, hope is always more than disappointment

Youshanxi Village

Song Dynasty: Lu You

Dont laugh at the rustic wine,

There is another village with a bright future.

The clothes are simple and ancient.

From now on, if you can enjoy the moon,

When this matter past recollects again, that time oneself once had how to break down, when hoped comes has how joyfully.

Difficult to travel

Tang Dynasty: Li Bai

he golden cups are filled with luxurious pure wine,

and dainty food is on jade plates.

Stop the cup and put the sheath into it,

Draw the sword and look around at your heart.

If you want to cross the Yellow River and ice the river,

Will climb Taihang snow covered mountain.

Suddenly I dream of the sun.

Its hard to walk, its hard to walk,

How wrong is it? Where are you today?

Sometimes when the wind blows and the waves break,

Hang the clouds and sail straight to the sea.

When you are oppressed and do nothing smoothly, when you suddenly lose your goal and are at a loss, you may feel that this road is really too difficult. There were so many choices, but now you are riding a lonely boat and dont know where to go. But you have to believe that the long wind and waves will come, when you can hang the sails and follow the wind all the way to the end.

As long as hope is not extinguished, will is not extinguished.

A gift at a banquet at the beginning of Yangzhou

Bashan and chushui are desolate,

Twenty three years.

Its like a rotten Ke in the countryside.

Thousands of sails pass by the side of the sunken boat,

In front of the sick tree, there are thousands of trees.

Today, listen to a song of king,

For the time being, the spirit will grow with a glass of wine.

You are just trapped in your own stubbornness. As long as you open your heart, you will find that the speed of your progress is far beyond your expectation.


Song Dynasty: Zheng Boxiang

The wind doesnt last, the rain doesnt last.

When the cold comes into the air, there is more than one format.

Its impossible to adjust the time. Its necessary to adjust the personnel.

Geng solitary window of the clear light, all sounds help to float.

Sorrow comes from it, from which it sits and spreads.

A husband is a man of thought, and fame is a remnant.

Suddenly, there are thousands of rooms, which means when to finish.

The long chant answers the cold, the walls turn bleak.

You should know that although the wind and rain are fierce, they come and go quickly. No matter how heavy the wind and rain, it will be a rainbow when it dissipates. Why do you have to worry about it?

The garden is not worth visiting

You should pity the moss on your teeth,

Small buckles cant be opened for a long time.

The garden is full of spring,

Wang Guozhen once described hope like this -- flower bud asked the earth: where is hope? The earth replied: you are hope!

Just like this, hope is the spring that cant be closed, the flowing life, and the light that lights up the front.

In this world, hope is always more than disappointment, just as sunshine can always dispel darkness.

Is this the dark hour? Never mind, as long as the hope is still there, the sun will rise as usual.

Author: Xiao Xiaomu, who loves Chinese culture and Western literature, likes poetry and drama. Always be curious about things related to culture. WeChat official account: Morning Reading Poetry (ID:bcy-cqds)