Recite: lets always be beautiful in this world

 Recite: lets always be beautiful in this world

However, in the hard skeleton, there will always be a poem that redeems the soul. Its the distance between the two, its loneliness, its sigh.

Perhaps, this is the case in the world, not necessarily can blossom and connective, as long as once warm, is enough.

This world of mortals is a cup of self brewed wine. Some people are doomed to leave. No one can really see through. Just like the sea butterfly but a dream, with a bleak resolution, retreat and the initial silence.

Just still hope, if time is safe, please, be sure to pass my blooming.

Only for this life, but also for a good life, do not ask the meaning, meet is the meaning.

At this moment, across a curtain of light, I miss you quietly in a ray of sunshine.

If, what I fall is a sad poem, in fact, I am standing in an affectionate posture, waiting for thousands of sails to be over, still waiting for years to be gentle. In fact, it is not so important to know or not to know. If you know, it is the best accomplishment.

This spring, I dont know which flower I will meet again, the one of the old, or the one of the present. I believe in the cause and effect cycle, and I believe that we will meet each other when we are on the road.

If you can, in every windy day, you can write the years of fireworks according to the rhyme of words. I am here, you are there, reading each others joy, so good.

When the light and shadow of spring flying in the fingertips, who is inadvertently, will miss sprinkle all over the ground. I am in a Qing Ci, over and over again through, any wrist bottom sentiment entangled to read, over your vicissitudes.

Some soft thoughts stand on tiptoe in the ferry of time, overflowing the lovesickness charm with the quietest gentleness.

The days are always fleeting by. When you meet, you have to cherish your fate. Life, this is a swim, you know, we cross 800 Li Road and cloud, through all the way Chaohua, through a sea of flowers, devoted to the prosperity of life, but also only for a fate in life.

With Yueran in the collection of a few sweet time, abundant eyes of the Qingning, long water in the heart of the hardships can also open flowers lotus.

In my opinion, all these feelings are for the purpose of dispelling confusion and illusions and making the mind calm and clean like clouds and water. No need to be persistent, no need to care, adhere to the pure land of ones heart, that is the heaviness and joy of life.

With the kiss of flowers and the chill of winter, I stand at the intersection of seasons, watching the years pass through my fingers, and my joy falls on the treetop of March so lightly.

Thanks for the warmth of the years, let us appreciate the four seasons.

Sitting on the lintel of time, you dont need to show off the details, but an intimate relationship will always touch the heart lake.

The fragrance of the flowers and the smell of the grass are all beautiful colors in the world. With a light twist, they will become words, poems and paintings. And I will write with smile, poetry, life and distance.

At this moment, it is the spring, the green water and the green mountains. The warmth you can get from your hands is shining everywhere.

Then, you cross a pool of peach blossom color, and I pillow a Bodhi Heart. Let us, always beautiful in the heart, beauty in the world.

Recitation: Hongjie, a native of Xinxiang, Henan Province. He is the honorary president of Linzhou reading branch of Henan Reading Association; the judge of Xiaqing cup reading contest network area; the director, lecturer and evaluator of the National Youth speech and eloquence ability promotion plan Xinxiang promotion center; he publishes the collection of Jianhua literature garden with the members of Jianhua literature garden. Wechat: yu2580123

Photographer: Feifei, amateur photographer.