One fat destroys all fat is the God of mans final destination?

 One fat destroys all fat is the God of mans final destination?

After all, Chandler in my memory is like this!!

You see, even mother long is Joeys fan sister. She asked Joey to say Howare you doing to her in the interview program. After that, mother longs expression management went out of control again. Meizizi is like a little girls wish when she was a child.

I didnt expect that the master of flirting with younger sister would gain weight rapidly in middle age. The glory of the male god was no longer there. The contrast pictures were too sad.

But when you were young, Matt leblans every picture was a beauty bash!

Years ruthlessly took away his face and body that countless people loved when he was young

When I was young, I was handsome again. When I was fat, I had no choice. Now its time to talk about Depp.

With delicate features, deep eyes and melancholy temperament, Depp has become an idol in the hearts of thousands of women.

But Depp is obviously fat after middle age, with a bulging waistline and puffy face.

Time is a butchers knife. Dont hide, Xiao Li. You cant hide from the fate of being slaughtered. The beauty in the prime of youth is simply handsome and miserable.

I hope that male gods can pay more attention to their own body management. After all, obesity is not good for the body, right? Extended reading Zhou Yangqings live broadcast of no makeup was praised for her beauty, no artificial selling power, max42 year old celebrity sun yunyun ate preservatives? Sister fashion disaster with daughter? Wu Qian airport is full of local style and looks like a 20-year-old aunt. Source: Netease fashion editor in charge: Xie Yi nq4682