No matter how good the heterosexual relationship is, dont contact each other like this

 No matter how good the heterosexual relationship is, dont contact each other like this

Zhou Guoping once said:

In interpersonal communication, we should know how to keep the necessary distance between people.

This is especially necessary between heterosexual friends.

Even if we are familiar with each other, we should grasp the boundary of getting along well.

Otherwise, crossing the boundary is not good for oneself, the other half or even the whole family.

Between the opposite sex, no matter how good the relationship is or how deep the friendship is, you cant contact each other in this way.

Dont get involved in each others feelings.

A few days ago, a reader in the background cried to me about his grievance.

She said that she had recently helped a good friend, but now she is not a person inside and outside.

In order to help Xiao Li solve her marriage dilemma, she kindly helped Xiao Li analyze, guide and tell him what to do through wechat.

Sometimes, when she heard Xiao Lis one-sided speech, she would make complaints about her wife.

She helped and even gave advice all the way, but now Xiao Li is divorced.

When Xiao Li in grief told her the news, he also said to her:

Well never get in touch again.

She had a black question mark on her face:

What did I do wrong?

Its good for them too. I didnt know it would end like this!

Emotion is the most indescribable thing.

There is a good saying:

Love is selfish, and no one else is allowed to participate.

No matter how good the relationship between the opposite sex is, it is necessary to make a clear distinction between what can be involved and what can not be involved in any way.

Especially the husband and wife relationship, marriage and life of the other party, no matter how good the relationship is, do not interfere casually.

Dont say anything ambiguous.

This is especially true between the opposite sex. No matter how strong the feelings are, you cant casually say ambiguous words.

In the emotional program gold medal mediation, such a couple once appeared.

The wife reluctantly said that the ambiguous information in her husbands mobile phone has been common, and the two divorced for many times.

What made her more angry was that in her husbands view:

Its normal to send 5201314 calls to other women. Baby, honey, I miss you and so on.

Anyway, we know each other very well. It doesnt matter.

Because the husband did it again and again, and the wife was hit and hurt, she said desperately:

I cry, I make trouble, I dont eat, even if I run away from home.

Hes still like that. I cant help it anyway.

It is speechless that the husband not only didnt realize his mistake, but also justified it:

Who doesnt have a heterosexual friend?

I admit to sending those ambiguous messages, but I think its nothing, quite normal.

She didnt do anything substantive. She was a little sensitive.

So the wife, who no longer wants to bear it, says that she wants a divorce.

Everyone has one or two close friends of the opposite sex.

But when it comes to sarcasm, sending ambiguous messages has already gone beyond the scope of simple friends of the opposite sex.

Married couples are not afraid of heterosexual friends.

Im afraid that in the name of a good relationship, Ill be ambiguous with each other, say what I shouldnt say and do what I shouldnt do.

On the other hand, I blame my partner for being too sensitive and considerate.

Such indecision is a kind of injury to anyone.

But I have discretion, you have the bottom line, know what can be said to others, what can not be said except for the other half, even if the relationship is no better.

Love is selfish, marriage is possessive.

Deeper friendship,

Dont cross the border.

There was a problem online:

When did you suddenly die of marriage?

A netizen said such a thing.

Once, when she was on a business trip, one of her husbands heterosexual friends came to visit their city.

I am not at home, my husband and another woman live in the same room, also two nights.

Ive read this passage and I agree with it

Marriage is two circles that intersect.

Apart from meeting, you can follow your inner thoughts.

Every time you think you dont care about cross-border behavior, its a needle in the other partys body.

Married family, and heterosexual friends go too close, get along with no boundary, is a disaster.

Its like the incident that Zhou Yiwei and her assistant used a straw together before, which made a lot of noise on the Internet.

The reason is simple:

But for married people, this is a kind of cross-border behavior without considering their partners feelings and sense of discretion.

A wise husband, no matter how good his relationship with the opposite sex is, will avoid suspicion, so as not to hurt his partner, affect the relationship between husband and wife, or even damage the family harmony.

Huang Lei is such a person.

He once said in an interview that he didnt have a real girlfriend, and he wasnt his boyfriend.

Its always inappropriate for a married man to say that he has a girlfriend.

Many people envied him for his happy marriage and family.

In fact, it has a lot to do with his ability to get along well with the opposite sex, never overstepping boundaries and moments.

Not to do intimate acts, not to do cross-border things, is the best protection for yourself, your partner, and your family.

No matter how good the heterosexual relationship is, keep a distance.

I used to think that the better the relationship, the more intimate.

Ive seen the joys and sorrows come together, Ive understood the people of the world, and Ive gradually understood:

The more we cherish our fate and family, the more we cant get close to friends of the opposite sex.

Keep the distance and grasp the balance between the light and the thick.

Dont go too close, dont get too close, dont say ambiguous words, dont do cross-border things.

Its the most decent way to communicate with everyone.


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