About love, there are two common sense mistakes that make many girls fall in love with each other and suffer a lot of injuries

 About love, there are two common sense mistakes that make many girls fall in love with each other and suffer a lot of injuries

However, they are eager for love and need it very much.

Compared with other women, they are more difficult to get involved in love. Lets talk about today, how can this type of female friends break through the inner magic spell?

First of all, I dont believe in love until I feel like I cant get it.

She escapes from reality, doesnt want to be in love, doesnt want to get married, doesnt want to be one of thousands of people.

This girl was very independent and rational when she was a child. She knew that many people didnt get married because of love. There were too many adults divorced for various reasons around her. Even before she fell in love, she knew how to use legal weapons to protect her best interests in divorce.

Later, girls began to try to understand marriage and love. But her thinking has solidified. She cant understand what love, love and marriage are?

She has been looking forward to the world to give her an accident, with a fluke mentality, she kissed many times.

Its easy for such girls to sum up other peoples marriage experience and rules, but they dont want to try and manage hard.

Most of the time, the individual experience summed up is just a drop in the ocean of society. When we see a few drops, we feel that we have seen too much.

We should pour out the water in our brain first and look at this matter again with an empty mind.

Dont just summarize the lives of those around you. Its not big data, nor really your own experience or life.

But we must see that there are not only differences, competition, but also cooperation between men and women.

The more important thing between men and women is cooperation. The relationship between men and women is a kind of competitive relationship.

So far, no matter how advanced our technology is, a persons birth must have a father and a mother, and it must come from the cooperation between men and women.

Even if it is a fertilized egg, it is also a product of cooperation between a sperm and an egg.

Including the premise that every reader can see the line in front of him, it is because of the cooperation between men and women. Without cooperation, there would be no life.

If a girl pessimistically regards men and women as just a zero sum game, as a competition of I have you, I have you not, it is a performance of not mastering the essential law of the relationship between men and women.

People who really master the operation rules of the relationship between men and women all know that there is not only competition between men and women, but also cooperation. Only by focusing on cooperation can we see clearly everything in the relationship.

Of course, girls can choose not to marry. This is the right of every individual. There is no problem.

But not marriage doesnt mean no love. Not marriage and no love are two different things.

Whether girls choose not to marry, live alone, live together or have an open relationship, it is only a matter of relationship form between two people.

Its OK to choose what kind of relationship form to establish, as long as two people agree.

First, the core essence of love is intimacy.

Boys for girls, changed a job to her city, buy a house to propose to her, and he did not know whether people would agree to marry him, like him or not.

All relationships must be two-way. Two people are attracted to each other, and then they start to form an agreement and a contract. Only then can they have a close relationship.

There are many kinds of contracts, which need to be agreed by both men and women themselves, abided by and fulfilled together:

Some people agree that one partys salary will be paid to the other party;

Some people agree that the other party must be specific;

It is precisely because some couples mutually agree to be single-minded, so there will be a contract for one party to derail and leave the house clean.

In many peoples minds, love is best done in one step.

Or I want love to come suddenly and never leave my boyfriend.

In fact, this is not the case.

Love is not between lightning and flint, suddenly pressing a button, two people fell in love.

Love is not the first time to fall in love with a person, all of a sudden learned.

Love is a process, most people need several love experiences to know how to love a person; most people also need to get along with each other slowly in the relationship, to understand what love is, to master how to communicate, how to express, how to deal with each others conflicts, how to schedule, which is a process.

Love doesnt make a girl grow up from a child to a goddess of love.

Love needs to be defeated again and again, maybe cheated, maybe hurt, but also loved.

Every process may be like ice and snow melting, like the growth of all things, is a step-by-step footprint, rather than a second of luck.

The above is about the nature of love: on the one hand, love is a relationship; on the other hand, love is a process. I hope these views can help you to understand love, understand love, manage love and have love.