Ouyang Nanas private schedule is open: after not mixing with the white and rich circle, I became like this...

 Ouyang Nanas private schedule is open: after not mixing with the white and rich circle, I became like this...

Nabi, who studies in Berkeley, shares a vlog with you every once in a while.

Not long ago, she announced her home life routine.

Because she slept early the night before, Ouyang Nana woke up at 5:30 in the morning.

In the morning, she stayed in her room, soaking in honey water, making sandwiches, taking a nap, reviewing, recording videos and practicing songs

In the gap of make-up, I also took time to watch a video to practice oral English.

The most impressive are the two todolis she highlighted:

One is regulartodo, which is a list of things to be done every day:

Drinking water 200cc

5 minutes in the morning

Morning yoga 8 minutes

Practice Cello for 1 hour

30 minutes of singing practice

There is also a todo, which is a plan for the specific itinerary of the day:

Record three IDS

Buy books

Check demo

Even during the nap, Nabi would use the last few minutes to sort out the schedule in her mind.

Methodical, seemingly random and regular, between relaxation, the leisure time is cut very clearly.

The secret of self-discipline is here

Self discipline and reasonable planning of life have become more and more important issues.

On the oil pipe, John fish, a big brother of Harvard School, attracted tens of millions of people to watch by filming and learning vlog.

At 7:00 every day, his cell phone alarm will start his morning on time.

After getting up, have a cup of coffee and a simple breakfast to ensure sufficient energy and physical strength.

A clear schedule shows the goals and motives clearly and saves a lot of unnecessary thinking time.

The next step is to attend classes and activities on time according to the schedule.

Take a lunch in the lunch break, and then go to the lecture of computer college to learn from the professional knowledge of Daniel.

After dinner, I will go back to my dormitory and start the after-school study time with full vitality.

The feeling after watching this learning video is that the day of Harvards little brother looks ordinary, but he can do it easily and has a high degree of concentration.

These are the visual advantages of seemingly useless lists.

In fact, as long as you spend a little time to open Weibo and B station and input time management, you can get a lot of skills.

For example, managing emotions and social software in a timely manner:

Dont spend a lot of time browsing social networking sites indefinitely. Get rid of the distractions and desires of reply message, turn off the communication and keep silent: lessismore.

If you cant control your hands, you can also change the desktop and wallpaper into warning quotations and urge yourself at all times.

For example, set a goal or imaginary enemy.

I have a special concern on Weibo, which is a screenwriter: Shi Hang (@ Shi Hang parrot).

Every few days, Shi Hang will share his reading list and experience; sometimes, he will buy two versions of the same work carefully to study the good and bad.

For me, every update of him means encouragement and reminders - telling me that its time to read in time.

In addition, it is also a good way to record the time spent and spent:

Who is taking up your energy?

What is the most important thing in a day?

Are these costs worth it?

Do you save time today?

Eh, what did I do today?

Self discipline, the highest lifestyle

A few days ago, I chatted with my friends and heard the most words: anxiety.

When I was reading, I didnt have too much trouble. After class, I went back to my dorm to play with my mobile phone. After supper, I continued to have supper.

After 25 years old, life has an invisible watershed.

Time is madly compressed, and the anxious mood is calculated by 24 hours. In the life of mediocrity and inaction, we repeatedly speculate and regret.

Perhaps you will find that escape, procrastination and randomness gradually constitute the normal state of life:

All the code once forwarded by Weibo never opened the link again.

Talking about the books to read, I have accumulated dust on the bookshelf. PS, which Ive been yelling for a long time, is still the original installation package.

It was only when I saw the date on the calendar that I suddenly found out that 2020 was about 1 / 2 over.

Just yesterday, a sand sculpture quote was brushed on the social platform:

Take what to fall in love, wait for the 90s of advertisement

Via @ Atlas of human behavior

This sentence is followed by a long list of comments:

Indeed, its a little funny and doesnt seem too offensive.

Those who like, dream, want to achieve the hope, as if never to fight for this

The label of nothing is like a sharp blade, which accurately cuts through everyones previous decadence and subsequent fantasy.

Want to escape, but let people avoid.

At the same time, he thought dejectedly: Yes, yes, the past days are so boring as white water, but he began to hesitate:

After that, how long can I continue to be a happy house?

What I worry about is that these loose attitudes towards life will eventually become default values.

But in fact, just like Ouyang Nana, with a little effort, you can greatly correct your life:

Make a list, make a memo, make a monthly plan

How powerful can a ToDo list be?

In psychology, there is a famous Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, which describes the forgetting law of human brain to things.

42% in 20 minutes, 66% in 24 hours, 75% in one week After a month, all you can remember is 21.1% u3002

These data are telling us that human memory is not reliable.

So, if you want to live a healthier life, set small goals and write them in a memo:

Drink at least 500cc of water every day.

One book a week.

Clear all your work at the end of the month.

Good habits will eventually become a part of life through little persistence. Beautiful ballet is not beautiful because it is put in the favorites to eat ashes.

Then, the goal of life will no longer be far away.

There is a sentence I quite agree with.

Ask yourself a question: if you spend 365 days like you recorded today, would you like to? What will your life be like? (station B up Main: Zhuang VII)

Of course, mourning is very happy, Ge youtan is also very relaxed. Including Gigi, also often have the dream of lying down and winning.

But after every lazy and the anxiety brought by procrastination, people always fall into deeper regret: another day is wasted!

Move your fingers and write down a list

In combination with their own situation, to sum up a set of their own rules. It doesnt have to be professional, it doesnt have to be perfect, as long as it suits itself.

If you create an ultimate goal in your life, then you build subtasks around it to plan your life.

Then you can have a life of flowing experience, which will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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