Xiong Ling: joking about desire -- dominating desire

 Xiong Ling: joking about desire -- dominating desire

The desire in my stomach is very strong

The desire in the small intestine is tangled

The desire in the liver is manic

The desire in the gallbladder is impulsive

The desire in the spleen is sad

The desires in the mind are complex

The desire in the heart is wonderful

The desire in the blood is romantic

The desire in the bone is very persistent

The desire in the kidney is fragile

The desire of the ureter is very beautiful

The desire in the bladder is exaggerated

The desire in the anus is very yellow

The desire in the ovaries is mysterious

The desire of the fallopian tube is arrogant

The desire in the abdomen is very swollen

The desire in the chest is macro

Rational desire is realistic

Emotional desires are real

The physical desire is very direct

The desire of the mind is far away

u3002u3002u3002u3002u3002u3002u3002 The human body is desire, which cant be said but ends with the decadent desire of the body.

The confident say that I live in the desire of blood and heart; the inferiors say that I am surrounded by the desire of kidney and small intestine; the wise man lives in his body and mind; the small man lives in the large intestine; the narcissist, who lives in the womb; the paranoid, who lives in the world of his bladder and abdomen; the neurotic, who lives in the desire of mind and spleen; the healthy man, who lives in reason In the sensual desire......

Slowly life road, desire as spiritual energy, in different people there has its degree of strength, taste differences, quality of good and bad.... In your life, do you know where your desires come from? Where do you want to go?

Man is an animal of desire, but is he the one who dominates it?