In her 50s, Sanmus mother is easy to wear and has a high level of beauty. Besides her figure, she cant do without her little skills

 In her 50s, Sanmus mother is easy to wear and has a high level of beauty. Besides her figure, she cant do without her little skills

Skill 1: reasonable use of color combination to create a sense of visual neatness

Throughout the complicated fashion circle, there are rich color combinations, some of which are gorgeous, a little dark, and others are mainly simple, which is quite suitable for mature women, just like the classic black and white collocation. It seems simple and low-key, but in fact, it is the most able to collide with the sense of hierarchy, but you cant miss it if you dont pick people from all walks of life?

If your skin color is not particularly dark or yellowish, you can learn from the matching principle of one body color matching to lighten the white sense of skin color and show a new young posture. Its better to choose low-key color, such as apricot, white, beige and light gray, which are good choices. The soft and beautiful visual effect is very fresh and comfortable, unlike the exaggeration and fancy of gorgeous color Its also very harmonious.

Skill 2: boldly choose new and fashionable items, and change the traditional image of antiquity

Most people think that the new version of the single product is only suitable for young and beautiful girls, like older women, dont try, but in fact, its not all. Some fashionable single products in the context of mature charm, can more interpret a different sense of temperament! Like this kind of net yarn suit, which is made on the basis of steady color, with dark green color, if young girls wear it, is there a sense of embarrassment that does not meet the age?

I often hear your complaints. There is no sense of design in the current skirt, and there is no new idea in wearing it. You may as well abandon the lengthy version, choose the long skirt with irregular cutting design, and appropriately expose the skin to change the stereotyped image, but do not expose it too much. The largest range like her is about 10cm above the knee, with long and short details to cover up part of the skin, Increased lightness.

The older sisters who are a little more bold can also choose the playful split half skirt, simple and neat cutting. When walking or standing apart, they will show the leg line appropriately, not too exposed and not too boring, and fully interpret the sexy charm of older women.

Skill 3: add simple accessories to create a variety of styles

Its said that the reason why womens dress is more exquisite than mens is that they know how to use ornaments to embellish their shapes, no matter how small they are, such as hats, belts, bags, necklaces, etc. take belts as an example. They often appear on loose and solid colored dresses, which are used to divide distinct waist proportion, and the key is to release the changeable style of dresses. Look at Sanmus mother.

The same light gray dress, originally with loose cut, and lightweight fabric foundation, but after adding the belt, the casual feeling of skirt becomes light, ripe and elegant! Not all belts are suitable for any dress. We need to consider the color, fabric and general style of the dress. For example, she chooses the same color but smooth satin belt to embellish. It can not only reshape the body proportion, but also integrate with the skirt, which is not abrupt at all.

For some clothes with dark colors, in addition to the belt with opposite colors to decorate, you can also use the darker colors to overlay. Look at her combination of military green and dark brown. On the basis of the original proportion, further emphasize the whole, and the effect is more distinctive.