Cinderella dress is good-looking but does not cover the meat. This year, these three heart-made dresses are popular, elegant and advanced

 Cinderella dress is good-looking but does not cover the meat. This year, these three heart-made dresses are popular, elegant and advanced

Look1: tea break skirt

The tea break dress was originally a dress worn by aristocratic women in Europe when they were drinking afternoon tea, but because of its design sense, it was too tight and thin. Therefore, it has been the favorite style of numerous fashion experts until today. The tea break skirt has a very high inclusiveness and design sense for the figure. The common tea break skirt models include V-neck, waist closing, A-shaped and split skirt.

The super slim V-neck tea break dress has the effect of raising the waist line more than the ordinary high waist dress on the waist line. Moreover, the tea break dress itself is more retro and originated from Europe, so this kind of dress is easy to show the elegance of French women. Moreover, the design of V-neck can also modify the body proportion of the upper body, so it looks thinner and more meat covered.

The tea break skirt will also be improved by fashion, and fashion elements will be applied to the skirt, such as small area of fine flowers, and large area of fine flowers, each of which can reflect a unique fashion charm. Moreover, it can also show whether it is cute or charming through the fashion elements of floral skirts.

When choosing the pattern and color of the tea break skirt, choose from the figure, choose the dark color with visual shrinkage, choose from the style, according to the style that you can control and the matching effect that may be reflected, and then show the thin through the clever collocation of details.

Look2: MIDI skirt

In cool summer, when girls choose skirts, they will pay great attention to the length of the skirts, and this kind of MIDI skirt, which sounds good by name, can just meet the needs of girls. In fact, MIDI skirts can also be called medium length skirts in terms of length. In the old period of literature and art, the length of skirts worn by girls was basically the length above the ankle and below the knee. Wearing MIDI skirts covered the flesh and exposed the ankle. They didnt worry that their legs could not be rough controlled, and they were very elegant.

MIDI skirt can be a self-contained one-piece design, or it can be a skirt that needs to be matched with a jacket. However, due to the appropriate length, the fashion sense created by the tea break skirt is immeasurable. Daily collocation is like that for older women, you can choose the MIDI skirt of solid color, and for young girls, you can choose the flowers with fresh feeling, which can easily create elegant and intellectual temperament, and fashion is in place.

Do older women want to look young and beautiful? You can also try the MIDI skirt with elegant colors, smart shirt and a pair of single shoes. The overall visual freshness also comes out. The aging reduction has a very fashionable charm and is also very fashionable.

Look3: pleated skirt

The key point of pleated skirt is pleats. Because the design of skirt is like a fan shape that can be folded freely, it looks very layered, unlike the general skirt style. Moreover, because of the layered design of pleated skirt itself, its biggest effect is to reduce the sense of flesh, making the figure appear very thin and also to wear a very beautiful high-level sense.

If we want to wear pleated skirts with distinctive beauty, we can also pay more attention to color matching when we choose them. As long as we feel that we can hold, we can try pleated skirts with beautiful colors but distinct layers. However, when matching pleated skirts, we must choose pure colored tops with more consistent colors, with a pair of pointed little heels, Can also increase the height of the body, thus creating a very thin body, to achieve the purpose of thin.

Compared with the slag womens dress which was popular a while ago, these three dresses are also very popular. They can also create a different style of dress by covering the meat and being thin.

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