How to choose the skirt version? Dont miss these letter skirts. They fit well

 How to choose the skirt version? Dont miss these letter skirts. They fit well

1. Letter skirt is versatile

Letter skirt is a kind of dress mixed with many styles. It is not only sexy and charming with hip skirt, but also cute and playful with MIDI skirt. The style of letter skirt is very fashionable. It can match with many styles of clothes

Its even a small and fashionable vest, showing your fragrant shoulder or small waist is very good. Of course, letter skirt can also be worn in a cool way. Different skirt types can be matched with leather jacket, Martin boots or knight boots

The style of letter skirt is very diverse. The fabric is from leather to cloth, from solid color to checkered pattern. All kinds of styles and patterns make it almost impossible for you to bump into a shirt. In a word, you cant lose your share

2u3001 A-shape skirt

The A-shaped skirt is the short skirt that we have been wearing since childhood. The design with a slightly high waist can highlight our waistline, and the shaking skirt is flexible and charming

The length of A-type skirt is long and short. In addition to the short skirt, you can also choose medium and long skirt or long skirt. The recommended medium and long skirt is a versatile umbrella skirt. The style of umbrella skirt is elegant, restrained and conservative

In the fashion circle, the origin of the umbrella skirt is the palace princess skirt. In the past, women of the Royal aristocracy would wear skirts with thick layers of skirt supports

Back to the modern umbrella skirt can fit on our body comfortable and convenient to wear. The feeling of umbrella skirt is retro and traditional, but this year many fashion bloggers put the ordinary umbrella skirt in a wrong way

In spring, umbrella skirt can be matched with knitwear, which makes people feel gentle like water. It can also be matched with shirt, vest and many other styles. The length of the umbrella skirt has also become more streamlined, bringing a fresh feeling in spring and summer

uff082uff09 The width of umbrella skirt

The width of the umbrella skirt varies slightly in different senses. The close fitting umbrella skirt gives a more gentle feeling and is suitable for a simpler style. The close fitting umbrella skirt is also the most body-building one

The rigid umbrella skirt has some retro style. It looks like a very popular style in the last century. This kind of skirt can do some articles on the color matching, such as the unique haze blue, khaki or mint green, which are low saturation colors. It can age and look better

uff081uff09 Straight skirt

H-shaped skirt is a common straight tube skirt. This kind of skirt is the basic skirt, which will not give people too amazing feeling. The style is more formal and traditional. In general, straight skirt can be worn with a suit as a suit, and then with a shirt

The style of straight skirt is more gentle, and it also has a stable sense of maturity, which is suitable for daily work or formal occasions. If you want to wear more fashionable, you can choose H-shaped dress and beautiful design

4u3001 T-skirt

T-shaped skirt is very common in dresses. T-shaped skirt is very versatile. Almost everyone can wear it, whether its a little fat girl or a girl with bone feeling

If you want to appear thin, you can choose flying sleeves at the cuff. Visually, you can modify the lines of the arm, look better, and cover the small meat. The design of the flying sleeve can be worn without the right angle shoulder. It can be said that its the welfare skirt of the girls who slip shoulder

The key point of T-shaped skirt selection is pattern style. Girls can choose suitable skirt according to their own style

5u3001 X-shaped skirt

The X-shaped skirt is a kind of dress with a lower waist, which can show your small waist. X-shaped skirt is more feminine, charming and sexy, which is a good dress to show charm

uff081uff09 Waistband dress

1. Bring your own waist

Generally, the waist retracting design is designed with elastic rope, which will not lead to the situation that the belt cannot be found, and it will not feel binding when wearing. It is a good choice for the skirt for daily going to the beach or picnic

In addition to the elastic rope, the skirt itself is cut to close the waist. This kind of skirt has a stronger sense of design. It is recommended that girls go to the physical store to try more to find the most suitable skirt for their body

2. Props assistance

If you want the effect of waistband, you can also match the waistband, wide waistband, thin waistband, brown waistband and white waistband. Various waistband designs can match different styles of skirts

Girls who want to be frank and sassy can choose the belt with metal buckle, and those who want to be gentle can choose to weave according to the style of the skirt

More fashionable accessories than belt is the design of waist bag, which has the same function as belt. It can be tied on the waist to show the waist line, outline your small waist, and make the body proportion look better

As a member of the bag, the waist bag can play a role of storage to a certain extent, so girls who dont like to take the bag out can choose the accessories of the waist bag. The style of the waist bag itself has a sense of personal fashion, so fashionable girls must learn to match

Six. Selection of letter skirt material

Letter skirt material is very much, the basic cotton and linen cloth gives people a simple and simple style. Letter skirt with denim fabric is very popular in daily life

In summer, you can choose light and thin fabrics, such as cotton and linen multi-layer Chiffon or letter skirt made of leather. Letter skirt made of leather is sexy and charming

7u3001 Letter skirt star collocation

Guo biting once played the image of the goddess of Gao Leng, which left a deep impression and was very similar to her own style. Guo bitings long hair and tall figure are unforgettable. She chose a letter skirt in spring, which looks very young and delicate

The black letter skirt is neat and thin. Wearing a high waist can not only show Guo bitings long legs, but also the small waist. Black itself is a very thin color, which can also show off Guo bitings white skin

The shoes of Guo biting, with a pair of low heels and small black socks, have the effect of reducing age, which makes them more elegant and more elegant

Guo bitings letter skirt looks very good with a shirt. In addition, we can also choose a small vest or a small T-shirt in spring, which also has a very outstanding effect

Letter skirt is a very practical dress in spring and summer, from leisure to sexy, from gentle to playful, a variety of styles can be controlled. This amazing letter skirt, different versions of A-shaped skirt, H-shaped skirt and T-shaped skirt are suitable for girls of different shapes

H-shaped skirt can hide crotch, X-shaped waist, T-shaped arm and so on. There is always a skirt suitable for you. Color matching is also the key to fashion and fashion

Especially for the top and bottom matching dresses like A-line skirt and skirt, you can choose some fresh colors in spring and summer, such as green, blue, pink, purple and white, which can show your charming self. Try it quickly