This year, skirt + skirt is popular. Its thin even if you dont choose a figure. Its right to wear it in summer

 This year, skirt + skirt is popular. Its thin even if you dont choose a figure. Its right to wear it in summer

Although we dont see much of the way of skirt + skirt collocation around us, stars have this kind of shape for a long time. For example, in the picture below, delireba, the shirt and skirt are folded into a denim skirt, which is intelligent and elegant.

Big cousin Liu Wen also has a type of modeling, even though the apron is shorter than the shirt skirt, but still wear a rich sense of hierarchy.

Then, lets discuss the fashionable collocation ways of skirt + skirt and prepare for dry goods!

There is no zipper or button in apron, just a belt to lock the skirt, so it is very convenient to fold the apron and dress, and there is no need to worry about the trouble of going to the toilet. This kind of collocation pays attention to hiding and dew. As shown in the figure below, the black and green apron has a slit design, which makes the shirt skirt inside show a little bit, so the modeling details are much richer.

Apron can not only increase the richness of the shape, but also choose bright colors to brighten the shape. Choose a skirt with bright colors in it, which can liven up your shape and enhance your temperament. As shown in the figure below, white shirt skirt + pink apron have a strong sense of color coordination and layering, which makes the figure more perfect.

When you wear a low-key dress like black-and-white grey, you can boldly choose red, yellow, caramel and other bright colors of the apron to match with it, so it is easier to shine.

Shirt skirt in summer can not only wear alone, can also be used to match half skirt, so this summer, might as well consider some simple style shirt skirt.

Shirt skirt + Half skirt. You must pay attention here. Generally, shirt skirt is a little longer than half skirt. As shown in the figure below, the blue striped shirt is longer than the black skirt, so that the beauty of skirt + skirt can be put on.

We should control the length of the shirt and skirt. In particular, the length of the dress, to create a little that kind of looming feeling, is the most attractive. Like the model in the figure below, the Striped Shirt only shows a little hem, which is very eye-catching, can guide the line of sight and show your long legs.

If we say that the most worthy way of Amways shirt skirt + Half skirt, we definitely recommend the way of white shirt + Half skirt here. Especially in the hot summer, the white shirt has the function of cooling and summer vacation, and the quick white shirt can show the delicate and capable image, whether in the workplace or in daily life, it can be used freely. This white shirt with blue jeans is full of youthful vitality and is particularly popular.

Put the slightly transparent gauze skirt on the outer layer, and wear a skirt with clear outline inside, which is rich in modeling and has Fairy Spirit. Like Yang Chaoyue in the figure below, the green gauze skirt is matched with the pink cheongsam skirt, and tied with two twist braids, the girls playfulness and loveliness are displayed incisively and vividly.

The dreamlike gauze skirt can not only increase the spirit of immortality, but also vaguely see the outline and pattern of the dress worn inside. This kind of feeling of holding the lute and half covering the face is more attractive and more touching.

Like the model in the figure below, the colorful flower printed shirt skirt, with a white yarn skirt, and with a simple hair style and pointed high heels, European and American style is full.

If you are wearing a short skirt or a girl with a bad leg shape, you can choose a long yarn skirt to wear outside, which can prevent walking light and also modify the leg shape defects, killing two birds with one stone.

4. Fake two skirts + skirts

If you have a headache in the collocation of overlapping clothes, and want to fold clothes without stepping on thunder, the fake two pieces of skirt + skirt are your Savior. Over the years, two pieces of fake are also very popular. For example, two pieces of fake shirt + T-shirt and two pieces of fake T-shirt + T-shirt have been popular for a long time. Now, dont miss the two pieces of fake design of skirt + skirt.

Skirt + skirt can let you walk in the forefront of fashion and become a true fashion elite through color matching, flexible adjustment of length and intention of single item matching. This summer, may as well try this kind of new collocation way!

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