South Korean frozen age actress in charge! Besides the couples world, Kim loves them!

 South Korean frozen age actress in charge! Besides the couples world, Kim loves them!

In fact, in addition to the couples world, there have been many representative works of Jin liking for a long time, such as womens heart, my mans woman, secret society, etc. Although she was robbed of her husband in the play, Jin Eyi, who was not in the play, actually married her husband for many years and lived a happy and superior life. Kim, who has two sons, doesnt make himself fat because of pregnancy, but has been maintaining a weight of about 49 kg. With his slender limbs, he is indeed a standard figure.

In addition, skin care is also the focus of Kim Hee Ae. Besides general anti-aging products, Kim Hee Ae also attaches great importance to moisturizing and exfoliating. It also uses facial mask and essence to keep the skin moist and tender. No wonder that 53 years old can also have such a good skin.

Yin Shiya once revealed in an interview that she pays great attention to diet. Her favorite food is pig skin, pig intestines and pig feet. Although it seems very greasy, it is full of collagen, which is the best skin care product. In addition, Yin Shiyas skin care experience is deep cleaning. Every time after making up, she will remove the makeup carefully and thoroughly, keep the pores clean and unblocked, so as to make the skin care products more easily absorbed by the skin.

Yin Shiya is also a sports enthusiast. Yoga, Pilates and dancing are the sports she often chooses, and she often does simple exercises at home. Although the intensity is not as strong as swimming and running, it can shape the body shape, increase muscle lines, and make the body shape more compact and perfect.

Jin Ruiheng

She plays the devil teacher in skycastle and the criminal police in the new play nobody knows. Her personal image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It also enables her to break through among a number of female stars, which is unforgettable. After taking off the dramatic shape, Jin Ruiheng had a very tight and standard figure, which was comparable to the model, and even had a row of abdominal muscles and waistlines, which made people bright.

It is known that Jin Ruiheng is a very self-discipline person. She can exercise and go to the gym constantly. Cycling, swimming, Pilates, etc. are all her daily activities. She can also focus on training core muscle groups. In addition to making her body strong, she can also help her body become healthier. I cant imagine that Jin Ruiheng not only looks like Japans demon teacher Tianhai Youxi, but also has the same attitude of loving sports.

Jin chengling

Do you remember the actor who played Li Minhos mother in heirs? Jin chengling, who is also 53 years old this year, is a famous beautiful witch in South Korea. She was once the champion of Miss Korea. There is no doubt about her beauty. However, she has been in good shape for many years, and she doesnt feel that the years have passed.

Li Yihua

Why Li Yihua wont grow old has always been a hot issue on the Internet. It is known that Li Yihuas skin care method is not only to use skin care products, but also to drink juice. In addition to rich vitamins and fiber, fruit juice can also help the body detoxify and make the skin healthy and hydrated fundamentally.

In addition, Li Yihua will also do more exercise to maintain her figure. In addition to general aerobic exercise, stretching is also the key point, which can make her figure more compact and curvy. Moreover, multi stretching can also make her body softer and more feminine.