The palace is open and torn! Divulge China on the tip of the tongue directors cheating female colleague

 The palace is open and torn! Divulge China on the tip of the tongue directors cheating female colleague

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My husband Fei Youming is a documentary director. Representative works include China on the tip of the tongue, flavor world, Xuwei Shunde, the story of eel, etc.

In 1989, in order to support his personal ideal after the birth of the child, I worked and lived in Tangshan with the child on my own, thrifty and thrifty, while he went to the Central University for Nationalities in Beijing for further study. While subsidizing all the costs of his schooling, I alone took all the burden of the family. At that time, many relatives and friends around didnt understand it, but at that time, I foolishly thought that he was a man of love and righteousness, but later everything changed

In 1999, when the child was more than 9 years old, he began to work overtime for the night. The sixth sense of a woman told me that he must have something to hide from me. As a result, I later learned from his colleagues that he had an affair with a woman named Liu Mou (now in the same group of female directors) who was working at Tangshan TV station at that time.

On Valentines day in 2000, I caught Fei Yuming (Fei Youming) and Liu Mou on the spot when they were dating. I took my children with me and talked with Fei Yuming and Liu Mou for four hours. As a result, they promised me in front of me and his family (his third brother and third sister-in-law) that they would never contact again! Because of the children, I foolishly believe their lies again.

In 2001, Fei Youming (Fei Youming) proposed to go to Beijing for development on the grounds that his family would have a better life. Most of my familys savings have been taken to start a business. I have only 26 yuan left with my children ... however, my kindness gave him another chance to cheat. He and Liu lived together openly and began to live together. Later, they even cut off all ties with me unilaterally. In those difficult times, most of me could not even find any trace of him.

These years till now, Fei Cunming has come home intermittently. He lied to me that he would be better in the future, but he ignored his familys development. Children from the age of 9 to marriage is never pay the slightest! Im doing it all by myself. Ive borrowed money, worked odd jobs, and raised my children on regular pay.

In 2019, feixiangming suddenly cut off all contact with me and my son unilaterally! I called and sent messages to him countless times, and he never paid attention to it.

Up to now, I dont know how to solve this problem. I only want to expose this matter to the media. I hope that all audience friends who have seen China on the tip of the tongue, flavor world and Xuwei Shunde will know what kind of people are the behind the scenes directors Fei Youming and Liu Mou.

Source: Ma Wenjing, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ NBJS9027