Hong Shisheng is sexy in his youth

 Hong Shisheng is sexy in his youth

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Youth has infinite possibilities. Take advantage of youth to realize your ideas one by one. With a young face and a strong body, Hong Shisheng recorded and shared his life with video clips, making countless circles and lighting up his youth.

Hong Shisheng, 21, is still a college student. By chance, he took part in a group of photos to show his sexy and good figure, which made many netizens blood. Some people say its hard to imagine a young boy with such a harmless and immature and green face, hiding under clothes, but also with enviable muscle lines.

Hong Shisheng: I usually get up at six or seven in the morning, have a cup of coffee and read books. If there is a class on that day, go to school and study at home if there is no class. I will go to the gym in the afternoon, relax when I go home in the evening, watch a movie or think about the plan of video shooting, and I will go to bed at about 10 p.m.

Mu: Why did you start to work out in the first place?

Hong Shisheng: at the beginning, I was trying to lose weight, and the whole person became very thin. I felt that I couldnt do without muscles. During that time, I watched a lot of hot-blooded movies and fitness videos, and started to work out myself.

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Hong Shisheng: it was winter at that time. I went shopping and eating after every class in the school, plus I didnt exercise, so I was as fat as 84kg. But at that time, weight loss was also very fast. When weighing, you can see that the number dropped by one kilogram every three days.

Mu: did you have any difficulty in the early stage of fitness?

Hong Shisheng: at first, I didnt understand anything. I practiced and ate at random. After studying, I learned how to achieve my goal more efficiently.

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Mu: whats the biggest change that fitness has made to your life?

Hong Shisheng: both physically and mentally. I used to play video games at home all day. I seldom exercise and feel that I live in the virtual world. Now I go to the gym and meet a lot of fitness friends, so I feel like living in the real world.

Mu: what part of your body are you most satisfied with? What else needs to be strengthened and improved?

Hong Shisheng: actually, Im not satisfied with my whole body. I think it needs to be strengthened. I hope I can grow more muscles and reduce more body fat, especially in weight loss recently. There are still some things that havent been renewed yet.

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Hong Shisheng: practice slowly, dont rush, because the changes brought by fitness are calculated in years. Unless you have extra drugs, its unlikely that you will see huge changes in a short period of time. Instead of focusing on fitness achievements, its better to take an hour or two every day to keep exercising, and the rest of the time can explore some other interests and hobbies.

Mu: you are also running your own video channel. What is the main content of it?

Hong Shisheng: the main content of the video is related to fitness and diet, but I dont just shoot these content, I will also share some things I want to share in my life, such as shooting vlog or recording some unpacking videos.

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Hong Shisheng: after uploading the first video, Im looking forward to being seen by everyone, but in fact, at the beginning, no one watched it at all, and the amount of playback was very small. Later, when the number of fans and the number of plays suddenly increased, I was scared. I still remember that I just woke up in the afternoon and saw that the mobile phone was full of notifications about the increase of the number of fans and the comments of netizens.

Mu: do you have your own idol?

Hong Shisheng: I have three idols, zacefron, Mark Wahlberg and Peng Yuyan. They are all great figures and famous actors. I hope I can develop in this field in the future.

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Mu: now you are a 21-year-old college student. I think that in the future, the changes brought to you by fitness are calculated by years. Instead of focusing on fitness results, its better to take one or two hours every day to keep exercising. The rest of the time can explore some other interests and hobbies. What kind of person do you want to be?

Hong Shisheng: I hope I can have my own brand in the future. I hope I can become a good actor and video creator in the fields of clothing, fitness and supplies.

Mu: describe yourself in three words.

Hong Shisheng: optimistic, sunny and smiling.

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Mu: whats it like to shoot a fashion magazine for the first time?

Hong Shisheng: I was nervous when I first shot a magazine. I was worried that my appearance was not fashionable enough to fit my clothes. After shooting, I think its fun. I was worried too much. The photographer and the staff were very patient to teach me how to take good photos.

Photographer: ajerrysung @ canvastaipei

Image: alfiehsu

Editor: Fang Chuanjian

Text: Dorje

Make up and hair style: chunhuahuang