The daughter of the best choice in 2020, let the whole entertainment circle fall for her with one back!

 The daughter of the best choice in 2020, let the whole entertainment circle fall for her with one back!

How can such a beautiful summer get less dream blessing of ocean elements? Today, uncle oxygen will share with you the fantastic and charming ocean elements.

Ziadnakad: the highest setting from fantasy to beauty

The theme of this spring and summer is Atlantis. It is said that the ancient country with high civilization has disappeared in the long history. Atlantis, as the son of the God of the sea, has a strong worship of the sea, so Atlantis is also a synonym for the elements of marine culture.

Movie king of the sea

Ziadnakad spring and summer Gaoding series choose this theme, which really suits the brand style. It is famous for its good at embroidery and playing with gem sequins. Every costume of Dashu is like the battle dress of mythical goddess.

Each set of high setting details is worth studying. The above set is decorated on the left wrist with the shape of fish tail, which also echoes the waist design of the garment itself. At the same time, it fits the theme of Atlantis very well. It is dreamy and mysterious.

The fishbone details on the back of this set are exquisite

This selection is based on the dream blue series represented by the ocean, which is a sparkling and flowing beauty. Although not everyday, its really the best choice for photo album or wedding dress.

The battle suit of the mermaid princess

In daily life, yarn fabric + Sequin element + jewelry element can also be used in personal style.

The yarn fabric has its own sense of scene, because it is soft and thin, which is very in line with the aesthetic feeling of holding the lute and half covering the surface in the Chinese aesthetic. One of the key points of wearing gauze is that the skin degree should be appropriate, while ensuring the charm, do not over expose the body defects.

Another key point of wearing yarn is high quality fabric. There are many choices of yarn fabrics, such as soft Georgette yarn, hard Organza yarn, etc. as long as the texture is good and the weaving method is smooth, it will look immortal and advanced.

And the sequin element wear, can not do without the color of the emotional atmosphere of beauty. The key point of color selection lies in the occasion. The noble color with lower lightness and appropriate saturation can be more compatible with the sparkle of sequins.

Tethys in ancient Greek mythology is a fairy in the sea in ancient Greek mythology. Not only did Zeus pursue her, but Poseidon, the God of the sea, was also her admirer. As the unofficial leader of the 50 sisters of sea fairies, Tethys is the embodiment of wisdom and beauty.

In fact, Princess Meila is already very beautiful, but the queen is better.

Its a bit awkward, but its also very loving

Almost no age difference in the same frame

Its beautiful, just like bubbles, dreams are fragile and unreal.

Summer popcorn movie

There is no need to burn the brain, no need to tangle up positions, as long as the simple happiness, simply enjoy the beauty of the lens.

Typical humble house Mingjuan

In the movie, may said the most simple but moving words, which almost represents the keynote of the whole movie:

This should be the most appropriate description.

The shadow of cherry trees is whirling, and they are in full bloom. They are swinging gently with the rhythm of the waves. But interestingly, no matter how they change, they still keep the shape of the cherry tree.

Family affection and redemption, summer and beauty are all presented in the movie. Its the beauty of flexibility that belongs to women alone, long and moving.

From theme to casting, from composition to color atmosphere, this film is a must-have in summer. The students who havent seen it must go to have a look. The students who have seen it can also brush n. Its so beautiful and cured.

Sea feel perfume

Finally, I would like to recommend two kinds of ocean feeling perfume for you. But its also different from person to person. If you are interested, you can try it. You really like to consider whether to buy it. Its not recommended to buy it blindly.

Bykilian water calligraph, 2012

It is a neutral fragrance with aquatic floral flavor, which can be used by both men and women. The former is water lily + grapefruit; the middle tune is jasmine + Magnolia; the latter is vetiver grass + cardamom.

Miss the point of using this perfume is mainly praised by the idea that the starting point is too high. After all, foreigners always have no idea why they are presenting Oriental elements.

If the tune is too high, there will be a hidden danger. But this perfume love uncles friend some people like nobody to feel, everybody can hold the curiosity to try, if it really fragrant.

Givenchyinenseultramarine, 1995

It is a kind of mens fragrance with strong fruit fragrance and strange fragrance, as well as water fragrance.

There are black currants, white pine, lemon, watermelon, medium magnolia, carnation, iris, mint, salvia, lily of the valley, cardamom, and cedar, vetiver and tobacco.

The fragrance is more complex, just like a sunny boy full of vitality.

If this perfume is used by men, women will enjoy themselves, and the degree of recommendation is relatively high.

After all, summer is to have a wonderful dream of sunshine, beach and ocean. You can have a good mood when you see and smell it.

Works of Italian photographers

Well, todays wonderful sharing of ocean elements in summer is here.