Dont take silk scarves as the standard match for a mother. Now these four kinds of playing methods are popular. They are fashionable and advanced

 Dont take silk scarves as the standard match for a mother. Now these four kinds of playing methods are popular. They are fashionable and advanced

1. On the neck

The way to tie the scarf around the neck is the most conventional operation, which is different from the scarfs warm keeping function and more of a decorative function. A simple knot can highlight the noble and elegant atmosphere. However, it should also be noted that the small square scarf should be selected as much as possible to tie the scarf around the neck, which can reduce the burden on the neck more visually, small and delicate. Like Tan songyun, a small square scarf is tied at the neck of the body. The beautiful color matching weakens the dull monotony of the whole dark tie, and the whole look becomes fashionable in an instant.

They say girls with short necks cant wear scarves? In fact, as long as the V-neck jacket is used to decorate and lengthen the neck line, it can also be worn thin and beautiful. The girl with a long neck can also set off the swan neck, and let the silk scarf act as a necklace to make up for the emptiness of the neck. However, when the scarf is tied to the neck, it is close to the face. If the skin color is not white enough, you should pay attention to the selection of color, and try to choose the style with white lining. If your skin color is white, and you choose the colorful scarf, the makeup treatment should be close to the main color of the scarf.

2. On the neckline

3. Tied to hair

Although the bandage on the head of a silk scarf can test a persons DIY ability, it can play the role of the silk scarf to the extreme. The simplest binding method is to directly cover the head, face the silk scarf, move down the hairline with the folded side, and then connect it at the back neck, and tie a knot. It can not only properly decorate the hairline, but also has a French romantic style. For flat head Girls are also very friendly. Girls who dont understand can directly refer to the binding method in the figure below.

4. As a waist accessory

Trouser chain is a kind of ornament hanging on the side of trouser. It was only popular in Kazak and Kazak at the beginning, but later it became popular in the fashion circle. The silk scarf tied on the waist of trouser serves as trouser chain, but the style is not as strong as trouser chain, which is very suitable for women to wear, very fashionable and sexy. Zhou Dongyu tied a silk scarf on the side of his pants in this airport modeling, which can highlight the waist line position with the high waist pants, and also make the jeans style of rotten street more handsome.

Dont take silk scarves as standard match for aunt. Now these four kinds of playing methods are popular, fashionable and advanced. No inspiration for summer wear? Add a silk scarf! Fashionable and advanced, so that you do not duplicate the shape every day. Although the covering area of the silk scarf in the whole body dressing is not large, it can play a role in improving the modeling highlights. You can tie the silk scarf to different places, neckline or head according to your matching needs, which can easily concave a good-looking shape.