Men wear it like this at a cocktail party, and its beautiful in minutes

 Men wear it like this at a cocktail party, and its beautiful in minutes

Compared with women, mens dress is much simpler. A two button suit with a proper cut and a lapel is always the best choice, giving a strong and gentlemanly feeling.

It should be noted that as the reception is often held in high-end hotels or restaurants, do not wear too fancy, and try to choose solid color suits to highlight the sense of maturity and stability. Black and white is an eternal classic. Of course, dark blue and gray are also good choices.

2. Casual gentleman style: single button casual suit

If you are going to a wine tasting party or a private party, you can try a slightly casual dressing style, such as a single button casual suit, which is slim and friendly.

In terms of color, navy blue or medium grey is a better choice. Matching white shirt, plaid shirt or T-shirt in the interior can bring good impression to people.

3. Simple mens style: shirt + texture pants, polo shirt + jeans

If you go to an informal wine party, you can easily get a pressed shirt and a pair of pants with texture. If you are outdoors, you can choose polo shirt with jeans to highlight simple mens style.

2u3001 Choice of shoes: black formal shoes

3u3001 Choice of accessories

Its not wrong to choose black for the cocktail party, but if you are black, you can work hard on accessories.

A bright tie can bring a bright spot to the whole dress. In terms of pattern, geometric lattice and stripe are good choices for matching. In terms of material quality, its better to choose the silk type, which is bright but not too dazzling and has texture.

The square scarf is also a beautiful scenery in mens formal dress. White or sky blue square scarf is suitable for suits of almost any color and material. Generally speaking, the color and pattern of the square scarf should not be the same as that of the tie. It should complement the color of the shirt, tie or suit.

3. Watch

The wristwatch is also an important piece reflecting mens taste. Whether its a classic and delicate Black / brown leather strap or a durable and masculine stainless steel strap, you can always choose a classic round dial watch.

4u3001 Other precautions for men to attend the cocktail party

If you are going to a cocktail party with a partner or colleague at work, youd better wear business dress to attend, which looks more professional and capable.

2. Take part in wine tasting party. Youd better not wear perfume or light colored clothes.

When the smell of perfume in the air is very difficult to feel the fine scent of wine, do not Spray Cologne. Dont want to miss the nuances between the top wines, lets go to the party fresh and refreshing. In addition, avoid wearing light colored clothes, avoid splashing liquor on the body too obviously, or set off more obviously after blushing.

3. To prevent tooth staining, remember to rinse with water

Drinking red wine may stain your teeth, so wash them with water. At the same time, a little gum can solve the problem.