Us rare declassification X-37B latest mission shows great confidence

 Us rare declassification X-37B latest mission shows great confidence

X-37B space fighter installed in rocket fairing

According to a report on the website of national interest magazine, the office of rapid combat capability of the U.S. Air Force cooperates with the U.S. space force to carry out the sixth launch mission of the X-37B space fighter at Cape Canaveral Air Force base, Florida, on May 16.

U.S. Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett announced that the mission will maximize the unique performance of the X-37B, mainly involving three experiments, including the space solar power generation experiment, which is in the charge of the Naval Research Laboratory and transmits solar energy to the ground through microwave radiation; the small satellite falcon 8 developed by the U.S. Air Force Academy and sponsored by the air force research laboratory, It is used to complete a number of experiments in orbit; two NASA experiments are carried out to study the effects of radiation and other space effects on crop seeds.

Analysts believe that the US sides report on the mission conveys some important information.

First of all, its high-profile statement indicates that X-37B performance tends to mature. Over the years, X-37B has completed five missions, but the U.S. military is secretive about the specific content of the mission, which is only summarized as an experimental test project to demonstrate reliable, reusable and unmanned space test platform technology for the U.S. Air Force. This time, the U.S. side announced the task details in an unusual way, indicating that it is full of confidence in the progress of the project. In this flight experiment, X-37B will also connect a service cabin at the tail to transport more experimental devices to orbit, which has not appeared in previous experiments. This detail reflects that X-37B is changing from experimental object to experimental tool.

Second, the U.S. military wants to take this opportunity to further fight for the right to control the sky.. Trump government has always paid close attention to space issues. Although X-37B is currently an air force asset, the launch, on orbit operation and landing of the spacecraft are all in the charge of the space force, so it is regarded as one of the signboards of the space force by the outside world. On May 6, the X-37B appeared in the first recruitment ad released by the US space forces on twitter.

Again, the X-37B experiment included military elements. Taking space solar power generation as an example, the core of this technology is to convert the electric energy generated by space platform using solar radiation into microwave and send it to the receiver on the earth. Because high-power microwave has certain destructive effect on people and electronic equipment, it is believed that space-based solar power generation technology has the potential to become a space-based directional energy weapon.

This time, the U.S. military rarely declassified the latest launch mission of X-37B. It can show the international community its space technology level and demonstrate the leading position of the U.S. in space. At home, it can enhance national confidence and pave the way for the development of the space force. As it said at a press conference, testing the new system in space and returning it to earth is unique to the X-37B, which will help maintain the U.S. advantage in space.. (LAN shunzheng)

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